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Kidney Stones Home Remedy

Updated on April 20, 2011

Remedies for Kidney Stones just at home

I got kidney stones around two years ago. It's probably a the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my whole life. I thought I was going to die because of the pain, really. It really taught me many things about my life and my diet. I learned that there are foods that I should avoid and that there are certain lifestyles that can help in avoiding future kidney stones.

The first thing you need to do to know if you have kidney stones would be to get a urinalysis. This is when doctors will examine your urine and check if you have kidney stones. If you are experiencing lower back pain, it might just be kidney stones. You are probably shrugging it off thinking it's just muscle pain but it's better to be sure. Earlier detection will not only make your life easier, it will also cost less. Medicines and procedures for curing kidney stones can really be very expensive.

There are many remedies though that can just be found at home. For instance, drinking lots of water can help avoid kidney stones. We all know that we have to drink up to 8 glasses or more of water each day and yet sometimes we neglect this fact and can lead to kidney stones or other conditions or complications. And yes, there are home remedies. With just the stuff at home you can easily get rid of your kidney stones. 

Kidney Stones Home Remedy
Kidney Stones Home Remedy

What are the remedies for Kidney Stones?

My doctor, a urologist who really specializes with these kinds of things prescribed me with three medicines. After getting the CT scan, he saw the stones and he figured that there wouldn't be a need for procedures and all I needed was to drink some medicine.

There are procedures like the shockwave procedure where they use some sort of device that uses waves to break the kidney stones into small pieces. It's really non-invasive. There's also that old-school way of opening you up in surgery and taking the stones. Quite a hassle, so make sure you learn more about the different things to do to avoid kidney stones and other related symptoms or conditions.

I was prescribed three medicines: Acalka, Rowatinex, and Sambong Re-leaf forte. The last one is actually a herbal remedy but it's not one of those scams cause this one is really proven and there are a lot of studies that say that the sambong plant helps with kidney function and in getting rid of kidney stones. The combination of the three medicines really worked in helping take away my kidney stones. Along with this of course, I had to drink lots and lots of water because these things you will be taking will make you pee a lot. I was drinking up to 3 liters of water each day. I was also advised to go jogging and do a lot of exercise as activity can help in making the kidney stones go down.

Foods to avoid when you have kidney stones

Low Purine Diet for People with Kidney Stones
Low Purine Diet for People with Kidney Stones

I was told by a nutritionist that I should have a low-purine diet or foods with low or no uric acid. Above is a photo that contains the food you should avoid and those that you should take a lot of. I was actually surprised and a bit sad because I love meats and other things in the group 3 section of the photo.

It could be very different though from case to case. So it's important that you consult your own physician what you should eat and what kinds of foods you should avoid. Mostly it's also just lack of water. Drinking a decent amount of water throughout the day can really help avoid kidney stones even if you take in foods with high uric acid amounts.

Also, alcohol isn't in that list of things to avoid because ideally alcohol doesn't really cause kidney stones. But then the lifestyle of a drinker can. What I mean by this is that drinking lots of alcohol can really dehydrate a person and this can really create the kind of environment inside your body where it is easy for kidney stones to be created. So make sure to drink a lot of water when drinking alcohol and at the same time just drink in moderation.


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    • Lynn Savitsky profile image

      Lynn Savitzky 2 years ago from New Jersey

      As someone who spent two weeks dealing with a kidney stone three summers ago, I can vouch for the "lots of water" cure. The doctor who treated me didn't mention the foods list, though, just that I shouldn't have any soda for a while.

    • profile image

      ledz 4 years ago

      Having kidney stones is very painful,symptoms is very similar like your having a appendicitis. Drink lots of water, and maintain a godd kind of diet. Very expensive to be hospitalized.

    • profile image

      swetha 5 years ago

      i have only one kidney by birth....i have 3 stones in that one there any problem in future????

    • profile image

      farhan 5 years ago

      i have kidny problum so pl help you

    • Ash Hicks profile image

      Ash Hicks 6 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      I have had several kidney stones, and they were painful. The first one I had for two weeks. The second broke off from a larger stone that I passed a week later. It took over a month, because the doctors at the emergency room are incompetent! My urologist had to surgically remove the stone. But anyways, you should always have your kidney stones examined! There are two main different types: uric acid stones and calcium oxalate stones. Depending on which you have, a diet low in purines may or may not work. Hydration is the key factor in kidney stones. If you drink enough water, your body will be able to flush out all the purines and oxalates. My suggestion is that if you get a kidney stone, take two vicodin and gulp down a couple of beers! Seriously! The vicodin will relieve the pain and beer is a diuretic. it will flush out the stones in a couple of hours.