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GPS Tags and Tracking Systems for Kids

Updated on October 4, 2011

I'm paranoid. Let's just get that out of the way before I go any further. The safety of my children (3 little girls) is my first priority. At times I am overprotective. We live in a sick world and I'm not going to deny that. I'm busy being in denial about far too many other things, like the overall fate of the world and the long term effects of parking myself in front of this computer for so many hours a day.

So, the notion of tagging my kids with a little gps tag before heading to the mall or park gives me peace of mind. If they scatter in three different directions when I stop to tie my shoe, I know I'll be able to find them quickly. I no longer wear shoes that need to be tied for precisely this reason, but I am a slave to fashion too, and am sick of wearing shoes that enable me to sprint across a playground at lightening speed.

Have you ever lost one of your kids? For even a moment? If you have, then you know the feeling of anxiety it creates. Using a kids gps system when your precious little ones are out somewhere with Dad isn't a bad idea either, especially if you are convinced that your significant other doesn't keep a close enough eye on little Jack and Jill.

Emergency buttons are standard on some kids GPS tags. They can press the emergency button if something unexpected happens or if they simply can't find you.

Do you need a gps for your child?
Do you need a gps for your child?

Child Tracking Systems

I first fell in love with this idea a few years ago while watching The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. Yes, it was his GPS for kids that I was drooling over, if you can believe it, and his incredible ability to get those kids to listen. He can stop by here anytime.

These are not the types of systems I am suggesting you put on your child, he was a navy seal, after all. The current child tracking systems are far simpler and rather cute.

Here's a clip from The Pacifier , just for fun. Now you will understand why I admire him. 

Vin Diesel using GPS for Kids in The Pacifier

i-kids Tracking Mobile Phone

There are various child tracking and GPS tags available, from simple clip on devices for toddlers to advanced cell phone and car trackers that allow a parent to watch online where their teens are going (and at what speed) at any time of the day. Is it right to follow your child's every move well into the teen years? I'm not sure. I'm not there yet.

The following videos illustrate some of the current options on the market.

GPS Product Reviews

Child Tracking Devices

Would you track your teenager's every move?

See results

I'm not sure about tracking a teenager's every move, but I don't have a teen to worry about and obsess over just yet. Only time will tell!

What do you think about gps tags and devices for kids? Is it going overboard? Would they give you peace of mind when you are out with your little ones?


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    • Ann Warneka profile image

      Nurse Guardian 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks Amy Jane for covering this important topic. Kids need to be kept safe.

    • profile image

      Dianne Smith 7 years ago

      Children are at risk of any crimes, accidents, and simply wandering off. As a parent, our responsibility is to safeguard our children to keep them away from danger. But since I’m a working mom, I can't be with my kids all the time, good thing I found a mobile personal security solution that keeps your kids within arm’s reach no matter where you or they are, and enable to connect from 911 emergency services. If you do think this would help your family try to visit their website for more details

    • profile image

      Child Tracking Device 7 years ago

      I'm doing research into Child Tracking devices and would love to know which device(s) you chose to monitor your little ones, and how you actually got on with them.

      At what age (of the children - not you personally) will you stop using them?

    • Butch45 profile image

      Butch45 7 years ago

      Hi great hub and a great product Amy Jane I have six children and nine grand children and what ever works. I am a new partner with Brickhouse Security also but I have no hubs so far on this topic. I also own a group daycare with seventy children signed up and security for children is always important to me. I give your hub top rating.

    • profile image

      northwestgran 8 years ago

      Don't knock the kid leashes.......truly! They make look odd to some people but they do the job of KEEPING KIDS NEAR AND SAFE! Isn't that we are talking about here???? The criticism of the safety harness/leash that I've heard over many years is more about "appearance" than anything. Now, isn't that really, really dumb??? How many of us are willing to trade safety for appearance??? There are 4 sets of twins in my immediate family, the latest are my twin granddaughters. Thank God their Mommy and Daddy can take the rude looks and comments uninformed people throw at them when they are out with "my girls", keeping them safe from strangers and streets with their cute little bear backpack

      harness/leash. Think about this Moms and Dads.

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks megs78! I think that it is a better idea than the "kid leashes" I see now and then. I hate those things and have never leashed my kids...but they really do run off on me. My two-year-old worries me. :) I know she will move through this phase and I honestly cannot wait!

    • megs78 profile image

      megs78 8 years ago from quebec

      I have 3 kids also and I know what you mean when you say 'paranoia', I live that nightmare too. However, living in a small community, when my kids go three different directions, I can see them easily, as they are usually the only ones around :) but I think that the tracker is a good idea and what harm could it do really? You are so right about this sick world, so I would definitely consider a GPS for my kids. I don't find it to be over the top at all! thanks for the info

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks nms!

    • nms profile image

      nms 8 years ago from Cochin

      very helful gadget