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Killer Ab Workouts That Sculpt The Abdominal Muscles

Updated on June 10, 2015

Abdominal Workouts That Will Get You That Six Pack

If your looking for abdominal workouts that will get you the six pack you've always wanted, you came to the right place. I have done extensive abdominal training in order to know which ab exercises produce the best results. There are ab exercises that focus on the upper abdominal area, the lower abdominal area and this article will also focus on how to get ripped side abs. Most people have trouble getting muscle tone in the lower abdominal area, I know I struggled with that the most. But its important to realize that the abdominal muscles and obliques are just like any other muscle in the human body. Doing sit-ups and and crunches is not going to produce the results you want, you need to add resistance to these exercises so that you can build a strong core. Think about when your lifting weights with your arms, if you are only curling 15 pounds you are not going to see much muscle growth. So the key to getting ripped abs quick is to use a combination of resistance training and doing reps to the point that your muscles feel like they are burning, some people would refer to this as working out until your muscles "burnout". Here are some exercises that will help you achieve the flat stomach and rock hard abs that you've always wanted.

Cross Bench Crunches

Cross Bench Crunches is a very simple exercise that is essentially a crunch where you are sitting perpendicular to a horizontal bench. This abdominal exercise is done by planting your feet under something that will help you hold your balance and you sit on a flat bench and lean back with your hands touching your head. Once you are in this position, you are basically doing sit-ups but with a much more efficient posture. By keeping your hands at your head you are adding more resistance to each rep. When you first try this abdominal exercise, try to gauge how many you can do and make a goal to get to at least 20 or until you feel a burn. I usually do 3 sets of this exercise when I'm doing abs and I shoot for around 20 reps, if you are not feeling a burn in the abdominal area then by all means do more. But remember there are other exercises you will be doing later on so don't burn those abs too much. You can see the picture to see what this exercise looks like, it should give you a better idea of what your posture and form should look like. The picture you see is a vague example of what I'm talking about but you want a weight under your feet and have your feet planted on the ground, rather than having them in the air. But it demonstrates the perpendicular motion. To put it simple, do an ab crunch perpendicular to the flat bench and have a heavy weight on top of your feet - simple as that. I recommend that you put your feet on the floor though.

Decline Crunches For Lower Abs

Decline Crunches will primarily target the lower abs, which is good because the lower abs are usually the hardest part to tone and get that sculpted look. This exercise is done the best way when you know your limit or until you feel a burn, usually that will be between 12 or 20 reps. If you can do more that's great because you will burn more calories, but it will depend on what stage you are in when in comes to getting into shape. If you need additional resistance for this exercise and you really want to push yourself, it's a good idea to get a 10 pound weight that you can hold against your chest while doing the exercise. By using weight for extra resistance, your abs will feel more of the burn and it will surely help you improve your results if you are looking to have a cut stomach that turns heads. But if you do decide to use weight, just make sure that you maintain a good posture, and by good posture I mean keep your back straight and do not swing your body weight while completing the motion while doing decline crunches.

High Cable Crunches

High Cable crunches are done with a small rope that is about 24 inches long and it is attached to a cable and drop that you pull down on. To do this exercise you will be on your knees and you will hold the rope against your left and right ear, and the cable will hold that rope. When you are kneeling down on your knees make sure you keep a straight back posture, and your back should be upright at the beginning of the motion. Once you have your left and right hand gripping each end of the rope, use your stomach muscles to pull the weight down and follow through with that motion until your head comes within 8 inches of the floor. You will definitely feel the abdominal muscles working if you are doing it right. This is one of the best abdominal workouts because it produces plenty of resistance. When doing this exercise it is up to you how much weight to use and how many reps to do, but I recommend doing a little bit of both. Sometimes you can choose a weight that you can do about 30 reps with, but other times its not a bad idea to choose a heavier weight that you can only do about 8-10 reps when you feel like working out with a substantial amount of weight resistance.

Recommended Fitness Machines

Swiss Ball Crunches

Doing a swiss ball crunch is very simple, but it requires good form if you want to do it right and get the best results. The correct way to do this exercise is to sit on a swiss ball with your lower back balanced onto the swiss ball and do crunches. For the optimal comfort it is recommended that you place some type of weight on top of your feet to promote balance and once you are in that position it is basically a crunch. This is not a complicated exercise but it definitely will help you sculpt your abdominal muscles.

The Best Full Abdominal workout - Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise will focus on both the lower and upper abdominal section, therefore it will serve as a great exercise. I have had great results with this exercise and I will not lie to you, it will burn quite a bit at first if you have not done this ab exercise before but hanging leg raises with a small amount of weight wrapped around your feet is a great way to tone your abs. Not only does this exercise work the upper abdominal section, but it really does a great job of targeting the lower abdominal muscles as well. This is why I say that this is the best full abdominal workout that you can do at the gym. When you are doing this hanging leg raise exercise, its important to keep a firm posture and move your legs in an upward motion while your legs are straight. In order to feel the full burn of this exercise and maximize results, its important that you don't use your body weight to swing your legs up because your basically cheating yourself. If you are having trouble toning your lower abdominal muscles, this exercise is a definite solution. But be warned, the first few times you do this workout you will be sore the next day - but that's a good thing. If you continue to be persistent with this workout and the others mentioned above, you will achieve your goal of having rock hard abs so let that be your motivation. For optimal results, you can also add additional weight and wrap it around your ankles which will help to increase muscle tone in the abdominal area.

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