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Take Care of Your Heart - The Most Vital Organ of the Body

Updated on May 28, 2020
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Whenever we talk about the important parts of the body, first of all, our attention goes to the heart because it is the vital organ that keeps the body alive. If it stops working even for a few minutes, the blood supply to all the parts of the body interrupts and as soon as the brain stops getting oxygen-rich blood, then the doctor declares the body dead in that medical condition. The purpose of this article is not to frighten the readers but to make them aware of understanding the importance of the organ through which our body survives, it is very important to keep it healthy.

Why Does Our Heart Beats?

Heartbeat has been mentioned thousands of times in film songs, but have you ever wondered why the heartbeats and how it works for our body. Actually, the heart is a very good type of pump, which is supplying blood for the whole body according to its needs. During sleep, all the organs of the body need a limited amount of blood, so during that time, the rate of beating becomes slow. On an average, it beats 50 times per minute in sleep. Similarly, when a person is running, all the parts of his body need a lot of oxygen-rich blood.

Therefore the speed of a person's heartbeat while running is between 130 and 140 per minute, it gets instructions from the brain every moment and it is supplying blood to all the parts of the body according to their need. Oxygen is needed to keep every cell of the body alive. Heart together with the lungs, is fulfilling its responsibility with full efficiency, if there is a slight hindrance in this work, then this condition proves very harmful for the body.

The Situation when Problem Arises

Today's lifestyle has become very busy. Most people sit and work for hours, physical activities and lack of exercise, excessive use of oil and chilli, spices in food causes cigarette and alcohol addiction causes obstruction of heart functions. The heartbeat becomes very fast after the consumption of alcohol, there are many toxic substances found in the nicotine present in cigarettes which damage the inner part of the heart blood vessels. Heartbeat increases after smoking cigarettes and this also elevates blood pressure which eventually causes a heart attack. Due to mental stress, the blood vessels of the heart also shrinks and this can cause a person to have a heart attack.

What Causes Heart Attack?

It is true that wrong eating habits and disorganized lifestyle are attributed to heart attack, which is the reason that blockage occurs in the arteries or blood vessels of the heart. People who consume excess fat in their food habits start to forge LDL ie low density lipoprotein cholesterol in their excrete.
In the normal state, the heart is pumping blood with a beat, and the blood is operating in all parts of the body at an uninterrupted speed, but in the event of a blockage in the artery, the heart's ability to function is reduced and this causes a jam in the blood circulation. In such a situation, the risk of heart attack increases.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

Blockage in the artery is a condition preceding a heart attack, people often ignore its symptoms as a minor pain due to gas, it is very harmful to do so, it is very important to identify the major symptoms of arterial blockage.

  • Mild or severe pain in the left side of the chest, sometimes this pain reaches the shoulders or the jaw.
  • Due to blockage, oxygen-rich blood is not able to reach all the major parts of the body, due to which the person feels difficulty in breathing, suffocation, discomfort and unnecessary fatigue.
  • Nausea and tongue wobble is also a major symptom of a heart attack.
  • In such a situation, there may also be a problem of darkness in front of the eyes and excessive sweating.

Take Care Of Your Heart

  • Adopt simple and balanced food.
  • With regular exercise and activities like morning walk, keep your weight under control because obesity is also a major cause of heart disease.
  • People with diabetes should control their sugar level with the help of moderate diet, workouts and medicines, people suffering from this disease are most likely to have a silent heart attack, as the name suggests, it shows no symptoms.
  • Nowadays, after the age of 35, people are beginning to recognize signs of heart diseases, so even if there is no problem, blood pressure and sugar levels should be checked at an interval of 6 months.
  • If there is difficulty in breathing as soon as you climb 2-4 steps, then a doctor should be consulted, as this is an indication that blood supply to the lungs is not being performed accordingly.
  • Heredity is also a major reason for this, so if there is a family history of this disease then the person should be especially vigilant, even without any symptoms, such people should get their complete health checkup done once a year.
  • Poor lifestyle is also affecting the health of some women. Nowadays they are also showing signs of heart disease, so women should also take special care of the heart in their growing age. In the end, prevention is better than cure, so you should take care of your heart health. And try to be happy always.

When you get Heart Attack

The most important thing to remember in relation to a heart attack is that every single moment is very valuable for the patient and the initial 1 hour after the attack is called the Golden hour.

During this time, if the patient gets medical help, then his life can be saved. If a person shows signs of heart attack, then take him to the nearest hospital without delay, but before that, keep a pill of aspirin on his tongue. This medicine starts opening the blockage of blood vessels before the treatment starts., this can prevent the patient from reaching a fatal state.


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