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Las Vegas, Nevada, Loses Pet Whisperer Dave Gene Hauser!

Updated on January 10, 2018
Pet Whisperer of Nevada Dave Gene Hauser, 55, passed away suddenly, but will never be forgotten by us or his little friends.
Pet Whisperer of Nevada Dave Gene Hauser, 55, passed away suddenly, but will never be forgotten by us or his little friends. | Source


Dave Hauser Pet Whisperer of Nevada was a calm speaking, slightly soft spoken petite man with a hint of sarcasm when he thought you were pulling his leg, which usually we were. Dave Gene Hauser, age 55, was very well known to his clients, family and friends as the Pet Whisperer of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a smart guy, and knew how to train and relate with pets and made a nice business of it.

Not just an ordinary one, mind you. It was a special "from the heart" Pet Whisperer business he started. It had not been an easy road for Dave Hauser. Years ago he was taking full care of his 80+ year old mother and she was ailing. They were very close and he being there for her actually extended her fragile life. But once she passed away, Dave eventually moved into her Las Vegas home by himself.

He had filled his life with "things", collectibles, his mother and father's "things" but well worth looking at them neatly hung up on the wall, row by row, never to be forgotten by their youngest son. His father was a boxer, but gave up the sport when Al Capone asked him to throw a fight, so he fought in World War II, and then became a bit of a fixture in the boxing scene of the late 1970's.

Dave Hauser's father hung around with the likes of Sly Stallone and Muhammad Ali, among other notaries. But this showed that Ben Hauser was open and could pal around with famous people. To the delight of his oldest son Lewis Hauser, Alfred Hitchcock was coming around Ben's store just to chat him up and banter. What a rare treat for the 18 year old oldest son Lewis Hauser.

But Unlike his older brother and father, Dave was quiet and reflective, couldn't even box and had "zero" interest in meeting big time directors and fighters. But he and his mother gelled and obviously he was her favorite little boy, the baby. She doted on him, and he her, even after Ben passed away in 1992.

Her oldest son had gone off and done his own thing, like most boys his age, so he was usually at school, involved in a play, working a job, or getting married. So it was up to Dave mostly to care for his mother, whom he loved dearly and coveted and protected until her death. No one was upset that the oldest had fled the household, it was only natural in a Jewish household that the oldest should fly the coop, marry and all that. And that is what the oldest did.

The younger Hauser had a few hurdles along the way, including having an extra bone in his skull, at the base that was causing him undue pain and headaches, until he had brain surgery in the late early 1980s. He got through that fine, with the support of family.

But, as the years went on, and his mother and father passed away, he was alone and stayed alone. His friends and family never saw the inside of his home he took over that was once his parent's 4 bedroom model abode in Henderson, Nevada, near The Las Vegas Strip. It had once been a beautiful palatial home, with gardens, plenty of space and many interesting rooms filled with antiques, furniture and memories galore.

Mrs. Hauser was an excellent seamstress and made adorable necklaces out of expensive shirt buttons. She was creative and had a lot of time on her hands when her husband was at his job in L.A. It was an exciting time for them all, even when their eldest went with The Young Americans (Traveling Theater) and Dad worked for the Olympics. Everyone from their step uncle and his wife Jeanette, sister to Dave & Lewis' mother, seemed happy and thriving.

And as the years passed, they passed fruitful, until the death of Dave's mother Bertha. It changed her younger son for the better and some for the worse. He became a recluse, a bit of a hoarder and lied to family and friends about his health and welfare. But it was his choice, and he lived the way he wanted.

He remembered our birthdays up until 2008 when we think he started feeling the effects of his environment. He complained of several little ailments that started to add up to me as a beginning of some sort of Cancer, maybe lung (which it was). He played it all down, seemed in good spirits when he finally went under the knife August 10, 2013.

Dave Hauser was a true person when it came to animals, pets and his clients and close ties, but he needed much help mentally and medically and refused to give into it. He was afraid of doctors just as he mother was. He was afraid of the truth on health and welfare, as we learned when he was diagnosed. It is truly tragic that I have to end this article so sadly. Tears at the back of my eyes to the brother-in-law I thought I knew. I pray for him, I pray for my husband, and also pray we do not end up like Dave, but we wish him well on his journey in to the afterlife and wish him all the spiritual happiness in the Universe.

They took half his left lung because it contained a huge ugly jagged tumor, and he was expected to live. We think because of his small frame and nervous system, and waiting too long for treatment, that his body went into shock and he developed early complications right after surgery. Having no medical insurance and having the surgery at a University hospital raised the odds of something going wrong as well.

They asked him if he was scared, he laughed it off, made jokes but finally seemed to accept it. If he was crying, we never heard or saw it. How sad that must have been when he never came out of the surgery like we all expected him too. He had told us over the phone that he would call us when it was done, so we respected his wishes. And on his list of those he wanted to see, we were not on it, just 3 names of people we never met or knew, but he knew for years supposedly.

So we rushed up to Vegas on the bus and were shocked when we got there. His home was in a shambles! He had been, we think, hoarding to a high degree, and very unhappy and depressed from the state of his affairs, the state of his home he lived in and the state of his health. We were crying, we were shaking our heads, but we were still planning his cremation with respect, not just some shoddy thing relatives do sometimes.

You will be missed Dave Gene Hauser Pet Whisperer from Vegas. You were so kind, and a compassionate man for the cats and dogs of Nevada and other places.. The Pet Whisperer, the guy you called in the middle of the night and would make house calls if your dog was barking. What better was Dave Gene Hauser, he will be missed.


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    • profile image

      Old friend 

      5 years ago

      Wow, tried to call and found this post. RIP old friend.

    • Leslie_Siegel profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Seagal 

      5 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Thanks, but I tell it like it is. Since I was a little kid I wondered why obits were too short and didn't give all the facts like they should. So I told ALL the facts, and even with all of the facts, it's written nicely and I loved him and his brother loved him, and his clients too. He was a quiet, driven, serious guy, but held secrets about himself I cannot keep quiet. It's over though, enough on this, and rest in peace Dave.

    • profile image

      Uh on 

      5 years ago

      Mostly a very nice tribute. Some personal facts could have been left out in respect for the dead. But, other than that it was good.


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