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Updated on June 23, 2010

Laughing is a tickling sensation. It allows us to exert effort letting the mouth wide open while the eyes are in tears. We seemed to cry because of too much emotion of happiness and satisfaction. We laugh when we heard a joke. humorous stories and unexpected good fortunes. We even laugh at the mistakes of others. It become automatic even if not being ask.

Laughing is a sign of insult for others especially if he done an awkward act in public or in front of others either intentional or by accident. We laughed when a speaker forget the word of his speech. We laughed when he stumble. We laughed to the incapacity and handicapped of a person we saw or hear mentally or physically.

Laughter brought tears and pain when we are happy. We are in the verge of exploding. It controls every fiber of our muscles. It contracts the muscles of our stomach especially if we cannot hold on in our laughter as if we are gasping for air.

Laughter can extend the span of our years in life. It gives benefits to our body and mind. It becomes an emotional medicine that can cure many stresses in life. If it become a habit it is very contagious, that even those in sadness can spend a wide grin due to  amusement. Our eyes and ears responded immediately to any humorous act of a comedian. The cumulative effect of amusement is not easy to bear. It pained us if we attempted to control. But if let it go, we feel relax and easy after laughing.

The facial expression make chemicals to our body. It releases enzymes and other important hormones vital to the proper functioning of our vital organs. It stimulates our brain. It allows other body glands to respond to the sudden changes that will give us healthy benefits to the structure of our body.

Being funny can cope up all the challenges that comes in our way. It strengthen our immune system to keep as away from many diseases. It serves as a good remedy for depression. Laughter can act fast in the release of natural antihistamines. Good in the activation of T-cells, the natural antibiotic to fight infection.

It reduces the level of all those type of hormones that has related to stress condition (cortisol, epinephrine, growth). Such control relieves the presence of stress, irritation, anger, grief, anxiety. It has the ability to improve pulse and heart rate. It allows good presence of mind to attend to any activities during the day.

It has the ability to keep the blood pressure in normal level. It increases the flow of the blood to different parts of the body. Good circulatory system has a beneficial effect to the condition and proper action of the heart and keep the body healthy at all times.

Laughing control and strengthen abdominal muscles and other organs of the body. It assist to burn-out calories. It is a good body exercise. Good for mental health. It helps to replace any distressing emotion that give away your good sanity. It increases your energy limit to cope up with your work and other function to keep going.

Laughter makes your life easier and more relax. It gives a good and healthful life free from many worries that sometimes take a toll to the very fabric of our personality. Self-confidence is improve and have a good relationship to other people increasing circle of friends and become known of being funny.

The next time you have a problem, try to laugh, it keep your good senses intact.


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