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What Causes Headaches (Migraines) In Women?

Updated on August 28, 2014

Headaches Won't Go Away? It May Be Time To See A Doctor

If you're having headaches that just won't go away, make an appointment with your physician as soon as you can. You never know, it could be a serious medical problem.

Remember, Health Is Wealth.

Headaches And Perimenopause or Menopause

When thinking about the possible causes of headaches in women, I had to consider some of the common problems that women have in general. The female body can become such a 'punching-bag' when it comes to the things it undergoes on a daily basis. From entering puberty to the years of child-bearing, it's amazing how much we can take as women. Then top is off with the perimenopause stage. This is when you begin to experience series of weird events, such as, changes in your menstrual cycle (shorter days, longer days), hot-flashes, constant fatigue, breast tenderness, nausea, headaches, the list goes on.

But lately I've observed that some of the problems we experience as women may not necessarily be due to the onset of perimenopause or menopause itself. Take headaches, for example, when I was a Computer Software Instructor, I drank a lot of cola drink (not going to mention the brand) in other to stay awake through the day. I also stared a lot at both the computer and projected screens. So, sometimes I would get an headache from all that straining of my eyes, and the caffeine in my coffee and coke.

Could all these be the cause of those headaches? Maybe.

Headaches And Cola Drinks

Is there a connection between drinking too much cola drinks and the onset of headaches in women? From my observation, I discovered that the more cola I drank the more I experience headaches. I've read somewhere that the caffeine in cola drinks can be bad for headaches. Since I drink coffee, and cola drinks, I figured that the headaches could be the result of the caffeine in the soda and coffee. So, I stopped drinking cola drinks, and switched to green tea. The result?

Green tea, it turned out is a healthy alternative to my coffee. It also has caffeine, but with no accompanying headaches. So it helps me to stay awake in school and at work. Plus, I noticed I no longer get the jitters as I used to whenever I go through the day without drinking coffee. There may be no science behind my findings, but that's proof enough for me. If that doesn't answer your question about 'What Causes Headaches In Women?, then let's go another route. The Ice cream route.

Image Source: ©Comfort Babatola - PowerPoint Images
Image Source: ©Comfort Babatola - PowerPoint Images | Source

Headaches And Ice Cream

Listen up, all you ice cream lovers! There's a new sheriff in town. The name is, Ice Cream Headache. It gets you every time you eat those irresistible ice cream too fast. The result is usually a sudden feeling of headache that starts right at the fore head. It's quick, and goes away as quickly as the ice cream is gulped down.

So, if you're prone to having those nagging headaches right after consuming a cold or ice beverage or deserts, beware, your headaches may just be related to your love of ice cream or any other iced cold drink or beverage that you guzzled on those very hot summer day. What to do?

  1. Avoid drinking extremely cold beverage
  2. Avoid eating your ice-cream to quickly.
  3. Avoid ice cream altogether, or you may need to heat it up a little to rid it of the ice-cold effect.

Could Those Wigs/Headbands Be Causing You Headaches?

Okay ladies, bear with me here. I know we have those episodes with all the hormonal changes, and I know that sometimes comes with its own headaches. But maybe things are not always what we think they are.

It may sound unfounded, but this is another of my observation. You know how we like to cover up those unkempt hair with the wigs, the sewn-ins and the braids that are braided in so tight on the scalp it feels as if our eyes will pop. Yes, those can give you headaches, especially if they are tightly attached to your hair. These headaches can last as long as you wear those hair additions.

Now, lets talk about headbands. Headbands seems to always be in fashion, thanks to some celebrities and sports figures. My daughter probably has a headband for every outfit in her closet. She wears her hair natural and usually in braids, so headbands are her cover-ups. For me, they come in handy for covering up those under-growth before my next perm or braid.

But lately, I've noticed that when I'm wearing an headband, I come home at the end of the day with a nagging headache. The headaches get so bad it can last a whole day or two. So to be sure, I wore one of my stretchy headbands to work one day, and by noon I had such a terrible headache. I proceeded to take off the headband, and voila!, I felt so much relief.

How Is Your Head-Ache?

Which Is The Best Description For Your Headaches?

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How To Prevent Those Headaches

It is possible that your headaches are being caused by changing hormones in your body. So, make an appointment with your doctor to better determine your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Other steps you could take:

A lot of these have already been mentioned, but it might help to go through them again. Take a look at the table below.

Dos & Don't That May Keep The Headaches Away

Do take lots of rest/sleep
Don’t wear headbands that are too tight on your forehead.
Do drink plenty of water. A dehydrated body can sometimes trigger a headache.
Don’t drink beverages with caffeine. Avoid drinking too much caffeine or the consumption of caffeine altogether.
Do rest your eyes often if you work on computers. Headaches sometimes are triggered by tired, sensitive eyes when exposed to too much light. So, if you work in front of a computer for extended period, take short breaks to rest your eyes.
Don’t wear tight wigs or hair extensions. If you wear hair extensions and sew-in wigs, try loosening them up a little. Also traditional head-gears can be worn loose, not too tight.

What Was The Cause of My Headaches?

For me it wasn't the hormones after all. It was something as simple as a minor lifestyle change to my fashion preference. And it could just be the same for you. It may be that all you need is a change in your diet or drink.

But, if your headaches persists, or if your symptoms are crippling and unbearable, then you need to see a physician or headache expert.


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Author: Comfort Babatola - ©2013


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    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 3 years ago from Earth

      ComfortB, thank you for sharing this! I've had my battles with headaches so this has been a timely read for me.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 3 years ago from Texas

      I have had Migraines all my life. I don't know what causes them, but I do know some of the triggers that set them off. I voted for the first answer in your poll, but mine are much worse, they are blinding and some so bad I end up in the ER.

      I think for each sufferer of this malady has a different cause.

      This is a very useful and interesting hub.

      Voted up, UAI and shared.

      I hope you do not suffer from these painful headaches.