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Buying a Messenger Laptop Bag

Updated on January 3, 2019

Laptop bags. I know I need one, I know I want one and I even know the style I like. What a pity it took me so long to discover the name of the style is the Messenger Laptop Bag.

When I am ready to make a purchase I enjoy shopping for the best bargain, which often for me means shopping online so as to use my limited walking ability for other things. (See my Multiple Sclerosis articles for more details.)

My recent online search became complicated by one major problem . . . I didn’t know the exact name of the style of laptop bag I wanted. I could describe it and knew it when I found it, but who knew of all things, it is actually called a Messenger Laptop Bag? Of course now that I have discovered the name it makes total sense and I wonder why it didn’t just occur to enter messenger bags in my Google search.

Instead, I spent much time clicking on bags of all types hoping to accidentally hit on the bag I wanted. Yes my way proved successful, but it took entirely too long for an impatient person like myself.

At least I now know the name of the style I like, so all that is left is to chose a favorite from the many choices.


Why A Messenger Bag?

I experience many types of weakness problems common to a disease like MS, which can hit at any time, in any part of my body.

I naturally want to keep muscle strain and muscle fatigue down to a minimum so whenever possible I make purchases that allow me to carry objects without the use of my arm muscles, ergo, the messenger bag style.

If carrying objects has become a problem for you, you might want to consider messenger bags as well. Personally, the Hp laptop I purchased is a little on the heavy side (approximately 5 lbs.) Although the weight isn’t a problem while I use it at home, I know that if I travel with it, I will need a sturdy shoulder bag of some sort to make the journey.

I thought about a back pack of course, but decided my personal preference is the messenger styled laptop bag.


Research reveals the importance of having a bag that is not only big enough for your laptop, but also big enough to carry all the extras that may be needed while traveling away from home. Since my Hp has a 15 inch screen, I need to find a messenger bag that is no smaller than 15 inches, with preferably a little more room to avoid snugness.

Canvas, Leather, Metal, or Vinyl?

The next tough decision is what type of material the bag should be cotton, canvas, or leather?

Seems weight has to be a consideration as well as sturdiness and durability. So a comparison in the weight of each type of bag is also necessary.


Strap Length

Even the strap length must be considered if I am to preserve my muscle strength. I have decided a long strap that preferably wraps around my neck and shoulders, similar to bike messenger bags or the old school newspaper carriers (remember when there were actually newspaper boys and girls who actually walked or rode their bikes to deliver newspapers door-to-door?) will serve me well.

I find my upper back is still relatively strong, as is my shoulder and neck muscles. My lower back presents problems, especially when I am fatigued and my bicep muscles have weakened considerably in the last year or so as well.

While I hope exercising with light weights will restore some function, I still need to take extra precautions for those occasions when walking with my laptop will be necessary. Carrying it like a guitar case will be much easier on my arms then carrying it like I would a tote bag.

Rolling Laptop Messenger Bags

The choices are truly endless. Following the suggestion of two posters, I have now added another category to my list of consideration, the rolling laptop messenger bag.

Yes, there are indeed rolling messenger bags, although not as plentiful as rolling bags in general.

Still, as can be observed below, I had more choices just to make my final decision more difficult.

My Choice

I have found it more difficult to narrow down my choice, but as soon as I do, I will update this portion. It is fun looking at all the different options, but it is also time consuming, therefore my final decision is delayed.

I am not swayed by designer names and labels. I like quality and attractiveness. The bag I end up purchasing will be in medium price range, but most importantly will be a laptop bag I love. Such a purchase can't be rushed when shopping on line.

Stay tuned . . .

Update:  Turns out I have had a messenger bag in my possession for years now. Just forgot I had it since I didn't originally buy it for a laptop.  My laptop fits perfectly, and using it has shown me that the weight is too much on my back if I have to carry it for a significant length of time. So while I will use it for short trips, I will be investing in a roller bag for any activity that takes more than a couple of hours.

Now all I have to do is narrow down my roller bag choices!


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