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Laughter Does Good like a Medicine!

Updated on January 8, 2021
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.

There is nothing on this Earth so irresistibly contagious as laughter, and there is healing power in it. When you take the time out of the day to find things that bring about laughter, it brings spiritual healing.

Healing focuses on bringing stability back to the entire body. It goes to the root of the illness that includes both a curing process and a healing destination. Spirituality healing is a guide to releasing stress from the mind and transforms lives in miraculous ways.

We expect laughter during comedy humor lightens your burdens, it’s fun to share a good laugh, but most of all, laughter can improve your health.

Study shows that laughter can relieve tension, stress, and boost the immune system. encourages people to laugh at happiness linked to a longer life, and depression can shorten life.

While Clark University’s study asks one group to smile and the other to frown, the result shows both groups as cartoons and the group with a mere act of a smile show to start happiness centers in the brain. The frown did not show happiness to the brain. The research study is supportive of my topic. “Laughter does good like a medicine.”

There are plenty of depressed and sick people in the world today, and this is my thought why. The answer is simple. They are ill because they don’t take out the time to take their medicine as they should, one of the most contagious cures we can take, laughter, does good like medicine.

When we live our life depressed, working a toxic job, and living on the edge, it causes sickness. If you want to make sure you don’t become ill, take a dose of medicine, “Laughter.” And it would also help to read Proverbs 17: 22.

Laughter is a way of really letting out all this pressure that you could face in your daily life in the suffering of your people, and comedy is almost like a medicine to your soul in a way. Hiam Abbass Life Daily Face


Proverb 17:22 states, “A happy heart is like good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing,” indicating that we should not live our lives working long hours on the edge, laughter will make you feel better, and not only will it make you feel better but it truly releases healing for the soul. When you laugh, it repairs and restores what the pressures of life have taken away from you.

In reality, most of us live our lives connected with things that are toxic, stuff that makes us sick in a multitude of ways. Life comprises many struggles and challenges. If you know and read the Bible, God states clearly that during our lives, we will experience our fair share of heartaches, trouble, and tribulations. And still, He tells us that a happy heart does us good. This indicates, “Laughter does good like a medicine.”

There is a time where we are very unhappy where we don’t sleep well. We would find that much of this will change if we would just bring about things in our lives that connect with Laughter.

Laughter will assist you to conquer the things that are going wrong as long as you can continue to laugh during your trouble. The greatest sadness that we feel can be released and found in God as he has given us a stress reliever called laughter. Laughter enhances the function of blood vessels and improves blood flow. It can reduce the pain that brings discomfort and relaxes the body.

Perhaps your medicine probability comes with a prescription. I am going to write you a prescription today: On the day that you are struggling with sadness and feeling challenged; you need to find something that will make you laugh; it can talk to a person who wants to be a comedian or watching a funny movie. But strive to laugh at least three times a day, find something funny that will not just make you chuckle, but something that will make the laughter flow that it comes out loud.

If you are a person who sits around feeling sorry for yourself, did you know every time you allow laughter to come about it boosts your energy and spirit inside? The laughter releases tension and reduces your blood pressure. It helps a person having a problem sleeping, sleeps better at night.

I do believe that laughter is the best medicine - it cures everything. Radhika Apte

The health benefits of laughter

If you want to share one of the best feelings in the world, you can find it rooted deep in the structure of laughter. It can release pain and bring about so much love to establish an amazing connection.

One person can walk into a room filled with laughter and experience one of the best feelings in the world, a deep-rooted belly laugh. You can change your life with one giggle, but when you release out a burst of loud laughter it can repair all body aches and start your body healing. A good laugh can have great short-term and long-term effects. Below are the benefits of laughter.

Short-term benefits

  • Laughter can stimulate various parts of your organs.
  • When laughter is brought about, it can eliminate and reduce your stress level.
  • Laughter can reduce physical traits and soothe tension.

Long-term benefits

  • Laughter can attack the negative thoughts that manifest into the mind and improve your immune system.
  • Laughter is good medicine that produces its own natural painkillers, it eases all pain that the body feels so whoever feeling it feels relieved
  • Laughter can build personal happiness and make it much easier to find release in a stressful situation. It can assist when you underdeveloped or nonexistent, making you available to connect with other people.
  • If you are a person who experiences depression, laughter can help lessen your depression and improve your mood.

BeBe Winans echoed, Laughter Does Good like a Medicine in a song. He sings the lyrics to remind everyone something that they should do during their worst of times. The songs were created and put into words for all to understand that even when you’re having bad days you must learn to overcome with laughter.

I think that BeBe did an outstanding job debuting the song, his incredible voice blends well with Koreans that it will leave you smiling, filled with laughter. I watched him perform on Strahan and Sara TV show with the group, Korean Soul.

BeBe said while on TV speaking to Keke Palmer and Michael Strahan, he originally intended to sing, "Laughter Does Good like a Medicine," with Boys 2 men, but he made the decision to contact the group, Korean and he did not disappoint, they sound amazing together.

BeBe Winans - Laughter Just Like A Medicine

Laughter Does Good like Medicine!

There is a quote from Radhika Apte where she says, "I do believe that laughter is the best medicine - it cures everything. Do you agree with this quote?

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© 2019 Pam Morris


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