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Laziness Does NOT exist! You Are Simply Unplugged From Your Creative Sexuality

Updated on August 5, 2011

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A Simple Pleasure Ride!
A Simple Pleasure Ride! | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Dispelling the Myth of Laziness

Laziness does not exist! When people accuse you, or when you accuse others of being lazy, you, as well as they, are misinformed. If you are alive, being lazy is not an option.

Have you ever heard someone say, “He/she is too lazy to breathe?”

Do you know how much energy it takes just to breathe? It’s no easy process though we humans take it for granted as we do everything else in our lives. The fact is; our lungs contain almost 1,500 miles of airways (inconceivable) and over 300 million alveoli (unimaginable) [the air sacs in our lungs are where the exchange of gases oxygen/c002 take place]


With every 60 seconds that pass, humans breathe in 13 pints of air [molecules; 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, other small traces] To try to go into the extraneously complicated thermostatic process involved would take the better part of the night to explain. So, to keep the emphatic theme in tact, in the matter of simply breathing, being lazy is not possible!

The biggest waste of one’s precious time, effort and vital energy is to accuse someone (or yourself) of something so utterly absurd. You can never get bored enough to entertain laziness. Idleness, maybe; laziness, never! When you perceive yourself or others as lazy, the point you are missing is the invariable truth: you have lost interest.

No matter what the subject is that you are currently involved in, your attention has waned. When this occurs, things can go awry. No profitable account is served by extended disinterest. When you choose to be indolent by not tending to the soul’s needs of the hour, your life runs a muck.

The uninspired statue of your adulterated disinterested existence looms large and over-emphasized. Overemphasized to get your attention away from utter blah melancholy! In other words, you are numbed into a state of unconsciousness.

You are as far removed from the state of peace and contentment, as you will ever be. There is a succinct reason why your body seeks to alleviate disinterest. You are a vibrantly charged sensual sexual artistic being who desires to be fully engaged in earth experiences that stimulate and titillate you!

The same goes for education; you MUST be interested in the subject before you can gain any benefit from it. Some subjects simply don’t light a fire within.

Don’t ever try to force your body to subjugate an interest which is not there.

If people perceive you or if you perceive yourself as lazy, investigate a little further. You have not yet ‘plugged into’ the artist within. The inspired artist is a ruthless savage of untenable spirit who will not be pacified with insignificant trinkets.

Not easily impressed and less interested in impressing, the authentic artist must live as one invested in targeted laws unto himself. He will not compromise nor placate his fused sexuality!

He lives as he chooses, when he chooses, how he chooses and with whom he chooses. He does not move when he does not want to.

You call it lazy; he calls it self-massacre if he does what you want him to do simply to appease.

Unless you are actively pursuing specific passionate sensual sexual creative endeavors that you were born with to fulfill, your flagging energy will constantly be drained. You will ‘kinda’ drift along in a semi-conscious state among filth, disarray, unwashed clothes, dishes, floors, cars and yards.

Overeating of fattening foods, indulging money on jewelry, clothes, shoes or an unmistakable obsession with flea market/yard sales will dominate your life as an attempt to fill this artistic void within.

When you are acting upon disinterest at its highest level, you spend your time, effort, energy, and money inappropriately and irrespectively.

Money represents energy. Energy needlessly dispensed creates havoc and apathy. Instead of spending money needlessly; callously, you could, should you be so inclined, invest in classes, courses, lessons or books that would spark any real artistic activity of genuine curiosity.

Also, you desire to further delve into your sexual habits. Disinterest is another clear indication you are not ‘plugged in to your one true love.” Sex generates, stimulates and motivates the true artistic impetus that would invoke an engrossed response.

Fulfilling, rewarding, arousing, passionate, tantalizing, sizzling sexual activity produces the momentum to connect on deep profound levels.

Magically, the art and act of caring about one’s home, car, yard, business and environment occurs naturally when one is actively engaged in a fully animated creative sexually motivated project.

Find and pursue a work that you enjoy, exchange no hours in a day in work that you despise no matter the compensation.

Work is true joy. Work is salvation. To be fully engaged in an artistic sexual activity that brings satisfaction to the soul is the true meaning of life. Man has been honored with the gift of a pleasure filled sacred life to be cherished and cared for.

You are not to squander, neglect or negate the duty of responsibility thereto attached. Ultimate pleasure demands salacious attention. No good and honorable thing can be attained by and through a refusal to invest 100%.

Disinterest breeds self-scorn. You need not provide an existence of such low consciousness that denies the birthright of your pleasure filled inheritance.

Life is filled with many avenues of delightful artistic/musical/dramatic sexual expressions which encompass a vast array of incalculable choices to be seized.

Least of all is the avenue of languor. Why consume a day in the forbearance of inactivity unless you are actively mentally engaged in pursuing a coveted secret passion? The body needs to be engaged in some sort of meaningful enthusiastic creativity.

Even the trees are relentless in their creation year after year. Hands and feet cry out for movement or else they crystallize in stone.

Furthermore, when you force the responsibilities of your inactivity upon another, you add unnecessary weight to the scales of the out of balance existence. When disengaged, do not appear to be depressed.

 Be totally inactive but not moaning or bitchy. By fully engaging the mind in continuous self-study, contemplation and exploration, the heart is made strong and robust. The heart is accelerated and made healthy by movement.

Depression of the mind is not linked to repression of the mind.

The human spirit is elevated by and through the constant renewing of progressive movement. No genuine pleasure is derived by the act of ‘seeking to do as little as possible’. In fact, ‘doing nothing’ is the hardest feat in the world to accomplish!

Exertion is governed through attitude.

Sexuality is stimulated by altitudes! Move up and out! If your attitude is poor, DO MORE. Any attempt to get something for nothing will ultimately end in boring vanity and self-deprivation.

 Get out of the horizontal position into the vertical where the sun shines or the rain falls, where the air will restore your need to passionately spontaneously creatively express something.

Whatever’s not going on with you, work it out in the most pleasurabole way possible.

Get it moving as you 'hair-raising' please, but remember: gyrate in the circle that sacredly sensually sexually erotically matters to you!

Passion Unveiled!
Passion Unveiled!


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