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How to Eliminate Skin Stretch Marks

Updated on September 17, 2016

Stretch marks are much like scars that remind us of some things that had happened in our lives at different instances. Most often, these blotches are linked with pregnancy. If you recently have given birth, you may have some stretched skin below your abdomen. For most women, finding solutions on how to eliminate their marks would be as vital as looking for a medication for a certain illness. Sad to say, these skin scratches are very hard to get rid of once you already have them. However, there are a few ways to minimize the damage as well as the appearance of skin marks. Please stay with me as I share some of the helpful tips on how to minimize your stretch marks.

First and foremost, you have to do something to prevent skin scratches in the first place. The most promising tip in getting rid of these scratches is by prevention. Prevention is much easier as compared to treating stretch blots. There are just a few stretch blots removal treatments that will completely remove the marks as well as completely turn back your natural skin texture and appeal. Most of these very few treatments will cost you much. It is highly recommended to apply some moisturizer on your skin during pregnancy. Moisturized skin is unlikely to develop scar tissues. Avoid scratching as this may bring about scarring and eventually marking of the skin.

Try exfoliating your skin in order for your skin scarring to appear less visible. Removing the top layer of the skin through exfoliation can certainly reveal a new layer, thus making the appearance of stretch mark less apparent. Remember to always apply moisturizer right after exfoliating.

There are certainly some removal creams and solutions now made readily available in the market. You may choose one among these treatments to erase your stretch spots. Scarring blots which are still fresh and new are much easier to treat. While those aged or those which have been on your skin for a couple of years already typically do not respond to any kind of removal creams and solutions. That is why; I recommend that you take an action in treating the skin problem as early as possible. To know the best stretch mark removal creams and solutions, it is better that you ask a medical professional’s advice.

If creams won’t work for you, you may try to have laser removal treatments. By using a laser, the top layer of your skin is being removed thus greatly reducing the appearance of skin scars. Laser treatment is highly recommended for older skin markings.

No matter what particular method you want to use, it is still very much important that you consult first your personal doctor or you may contact the nearest dermatologist. There are certainly a lot of over the counter remedies you may find for minimizing stretch skin spots after pregnancy; however, not all are good for all skin type. Your own type of skin may not respond to a particular cream well which is on the other hand works best for others.


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