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Learn To Deal With Your Sleep Disorder - Know What Causes Insomnia

Updated on July 22, 2010

Learn To Deal With Your Sleep Disorder - Know What Causes Insomnia

 Not being able to sleep at night can be very annoying indeed.  Tossing and turning in bed for hours can give you a splitting headache and a bad temper.  Moreover, a bad night can also reduce your ability to concentrate and focus on certain tasks.  When your ability to concentrate is impaired, your productivity level may be affect and your work performance suffers.   Since insomnia may affect your career and get you in trouble at work, you need to know what causes insomnia and deal with your sleeping problems squarely.  Once you know what causes insomnia, finding the right treatment would be easier.

 According to experts, insomnia is often triggered by both physical and psychological problems.   Some people cannot sleep because of psychological problems while others find it difficult to snooze off physical reasons.   Psychological problems like anxiety, grief and stress often cause sleep disturbances.  Often times, people who suffer from severe sleep deprivation become anxious and depressed.  If you happen to be afflicted with severe insomnia, you should seek help before your condition becomes worst.  Remember that insomnia can easily be treated with the use of drugs and therapy so seek help as early as possible.

 Sleep deprivation does not only cause anxiety and depression, it can also lead to certain types of medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension.   People who juggle stressful career and demanding family life are often at risk of suffering from serious ailments resulting from lack of sleep.   People who juggle several tasks at the same time tend to be more prone to insomnia, hypertension and diabetes.  Proper stress management can definitely help you lead a better and life.

 The physical causes of insomnia can be just as serious as the psychological causes.   Among women, physical changes brought about by pregnancy, menstruation and menopause often cause insomnia.   Pain and discomfort that are related to premenstrual syndrome and menstruation can also trigger sleep deprivation. 

 As for pregnant women, sleep often becomes elusive especially during the third trimester.   Fortunately, premenstrual syndrome, menopause and pregnancy are temporary in nature so if you belong to this category, you can rest assured that things will definitely get better in the future. 


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