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Learning To Live Life Sober

Updated on July 21, 2014

Learn to Live Sober

Sobriety, something that many want to have in their lives, but have a hard time dealing with this huge change in their life style.

Deep down the alcoholic wants sobriety in their lives, but have no clue in achieving it because they are so used to living in their world addiction. They have been away from being clean and sober for so long that they may forget just how it feels to be sober 24/7.

Learning to live life sober sometimes can be a job in itself for many, but it is not impossible to achieve sobriety back into your life and your families as well.

Books on Living Life Sober

Steps Towards Living Life Sober

Living life sober will be indeed hard for someone that has been addicted to alcohol for so long. Living life sober can be accomplished only through the alcoholic themselves. People can tell you just how wonderful sobriety is and if you are not ready to make that change then the words spoken to the alcoholic are just being wasted.

The alcoholic may or may not listen to those that are trying to explain how great sobriety is. This lesson must be learned and excepted by the alcoholic and they must want to be able to live life sober.

If the alcoholic is not willing to make a change then there is not too much hope for these individuals. It is sad to say this, but in my eyes I truly believe if you are not willing to change your life and take action on your actions then you have some real hard thinking to do.

you have to really sit down and take a good hard look at your life and try to look into your future and where you think you will be if you continue on this road to self destruction..


  • Look at your life and your families life. Look into your mind and the minds of your family.
  • Think of how your life is now being addicted to alcohol and try real hard to see if you were to become sober, imagine you life then.
  • Admit to yourself that you have an alcohol problem.
  • Learn to live more positive and keep a positive attitude.
  • Believe in yourself and our God, for he, will help you if only you ask.
  • Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help for your addiction.
  • Tell yourself you want to be clean and sober and will do anything to achieve sobriety.
  • Don't let anything or anyone stand in your way to finding your sobriety.
  • Never give up hope and never sell yourself short.
  • If you truly love yourself and your family, you must make this change in your life, not only to save your family, but your own life as well.
  • Tell yourself that you can and will achieve sobriety back into your life and will do whatever it takes to become clean and sober.
  • You must have the willingness, desire, strength and willpower to make this happen. Without these 4 things you are going to have a tough time achieving sobriety.
  • You must want sobriety and to live life sober more than anything in the world, and when you admit and surrender it will happen, not overnight, but it will happen.
  • You must though be willing to take that first step to get started and live life sober for the rest of your lives.
  • You need to know that there is a life for all when you decide to stop drinking alcohol.

Enjoy Your Life Sober - Nothing Better in the World


© 2011 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Meggie, Thank you for your comment and please don't be afraid. Sobriety will never hurt you!! That is the huge thing that you are ready and have admitted you have a problem. Denial is what holds many people from their sobriety. I was one of them. Stay strong Meggie and stay positive always and you will see that you live a honest and sober life. One day at a time and one step at a time.


    • profile image

      Meggie 6 years ago

      Thank you for the inspiring word. I take all of them to heart and am on the road to recovery myself. I am scared to death, but I want to live a honest, unselfish,sober life and I'm ready