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Learning to Like Yourself: Key to Improving Self-Esteem

Updated on November 10, 2011

Learning to like yourself, warts and all, is key to overcoming self-esteem/self-confidence issues.

People with poor self-esteem or low confidence levels generally have a poor image of themselves; they see themselves as being inferior or lacking in some substantive way.

Granted, nobody is perfect; we all have shortcomings and weaknesses. And most people, no matter how self-confident or self-assured, have areas that bother or trouble them; areas that may not be readily apparent but are nonetheless troublesome enough to undermine their sense of self and produce doubt and anxiety.

The magic bullet, so to speak, for eradicating these "troublesome" areas that we ALL have is to, quite simply, learn to like yourself.

This means learning to accept that you are a worthwhile, capable, deserving human being REGARDLESS of any shortcomings, deficits, or weaknesses that you may possess.

In reality, we are ALL deficient, weak, and lacking in certain areas of our lives. All of us.

Many people are good at covering up their fears or insecurities or problems and projecting a facade of total self-confidence and self-belief. But don't be fooled! We are all lacking.

Each one of us has a chink, somewhere, in our armor!

And that's why it should be easy for each of us to like and accept who we are. We are ALL lacking and deficient in some way, so we are in very good company when we, in turn, accept ourselves for being fallible, weak human beings.

We are still deserving of respect, love, and happiness DESPITE our weaknesses.

After all, if a prerequisite for being self-confident and self-assured was human perfection, then no human would feel those things. Human perfection does not exist.

And liking ourselves is key. Goodness and strength have to well up inside each and everyone one of us and flow out. You don't need permission to feel good or to like yourself; you simply do it and go on about your life!

So, the next time you feel yourself lacking in confidence or shying away from some sort of challenge, remember that, regardless of what you are or are not, you, at that moment, are a deserving, capable person well-equipped to handle the task at hand.

Simply, you need to learn to like yourself. Start each day by looking into the mirror and saying, "I like you"; "I like you and I accept you."

Try it out for a month. See how it helps you!


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