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Please leave my TOOTH in my Mouth (Wisdom tooth horror)

Updated on April 10, 2014

It’s been about two weeks now I've been wanting to write on this. Well I guess now is the time.


I will now start here in the month of March I went to my dentist to do some fillings and remove a tooth which had a large hole. However when she was about to remove my tooth she notice my gum was swollen and decided to take an x-ray. Upon taking the x-ray she realized that my wisdom tooth was growing in a horizontal direction which is abnormal but a regular occurrence in some people’s wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth is also known as the third molars which are the last teeth to develop and appear in our mouths. Usually this occurs around the age of 17-25, the time of life that has been called “the age of wisdom”.

Anyways she told me that she could not do the extraction because my wisdom tooth was growing and lapping unto the tooth that had a hole also running very near a sensitive nerve in my mouth. She then went on to tell me that I have to remove both tooth but it must be done by a surgical dentist, I was referred to one she knows my appointment was on March 12th 2014.

The day finally came and I was escorted to the Surgical Dentist by my uncle, when I arrived they did a thorough mouth x-ray to see everything. I was then taken for consultation to explain the procedures to extract my tooth/teeth, I was also warned that there’s a risk to it due to the close nerve, I can lose feelings in my lip, locking of jaw etc. To me it sounded scary because I already have a “BIG FEAR” for dentist, however I was told that I have four wisdom teeth growing horizontally and I can extract all at the same time.

Dentist in patient's mouth
Dentist in patient's mouth | Source

To me this sounded like madness why would I take out so many teeth at the same time? I had to pay $500.00 for the x-ray and consultation. I was then given some booklets explaining the procedure and a prescription to buy my own drugs to sedate me on the day of my surgical appointment. I wanted a second opinion and decided to try a next Dental place I am still wondering if I made the right choice or not.

Tooth | Source
Appointment card
Appointment card | Source
Swollen mouth
Swollen mouth | Source

I came across another place which also did another x-ray and I decided to do it there instead.

On Wednesday March 26th @ 3:30 p.m. was my appointment, I was scared like a child because I was told I would be unable to do the following.

Things to expect after removing a tooth

  • Talk for a few days ( I guess they meant to talk properly because i was still able to talk) because I did one side of my mouth.
  • I would be unable to eat solids only liquids
  • I should experience some pains after the cocaine wears off and some swelling.
  • I would be unable to spit and brush my teeth for twenty-four hours.
  • I will experience bleeding in my mouth for several hours it should not exceed twenty four hours.
  • I will have to bite down on gores to soak up the blood

Scared as hell lol
Scared as hell lol | Source
Dentist pulling tooth out
Dentist pulling tooth out | Source

Removal of my tooth by the surgeon

I was nervous as hell just before the surgeon came I made about eight (8) trips to the washroom in less than 45 minutes. Finally he came he talked a little and then adjusted the dental chair to get access to my mouth. He gave me three injections in my gum and then left the room for it to work in and numb the gum. He was back before I knew it and proceeded to pull out the tooth with the hole. Well I’ll tell you I saw all the stars in the sky because the cocaine was not strong enough and I felt every vein in my brain being wrenched OUT.

I stop him and told that I was feeling pain, he replied are you sure it’s pain or pressure, PAIN! So he decided to give me another injection right inside of the hole in the tooth. The tooth shattered into pieces as I heard it loud and clear. After the extraction of that tooth it was okay yet I still felt the impact of my brains, ears and jaw being rooted out.

Diagram of inisde the mouth and third Molars
Diagram of inisde the mouth and third Molars | Source
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth
Surgical removal of wisdom tooth | Source
Bloated face after surgical tooth extraction
Bloated face after surgical tooth extraction | Source
Cataflam pills
Cataflam pills | Source
The killer pill
The killer pill | Source


Now my wisdom tooth was still under my gum therefore surgery had to be done. This will mean cutting/ incision and breaking of jaw bone to remove the tooth. I did not feel anything much during this part of the procedure I kept my eyes closed I was mostly hearing the word “suction” from the surgeon. After my wisdom tooth was finally out the suction continued, for those who may not know the suction is the thing they use in your mouth to suction water or blood. Then I saw a needle and thread my gum was being stitched back up.

During the stitching up procedure I did have some feelings nothing much but after the cocaine wear off I felt like the dentist stitched my cheek to my gum to my brain. It was a painful horrible feeling I wish I could have removed the stitches that very night. I got antibiotics and painkillers to me the painkillers was waste of time because with my intense pain “cataflam” FAILED which is usually a good painkiller knock out. By the next morning my face was swollen the bleeding had no stopped I had to get more gores, as the ones that was given to me was used up in a short space of time.

The 28th of March 2014 I had to go back to the Dental Centre for they to have a review because my cheeks was now bloated. Upon checking they said I had gotten an infection and was unable to clean it because my jaw could not unlock wide enough. They changed my medication to two antibiotics and a stronger painkiller. Augmentin, metronidazole and arcoxia these pills made me feel even more horrible. The metronidazale made me feel upset to puke all the time, it give me a slight diarrhea etc. I was unable to drive as my concentration was not on the road. My pains continued even after the stitches was removed the following week seems to me it increased.

Glucerna | Source
Sad & hurt tooth
Sad & hurt tooth | Source
Tooth running
Tooth running | Source

I lived on “Ensure & Glucerna shakes” I was feeling starve I am already slim in size and was worried about me dwindling more with these liquid drinks, which did not sustain my hunger. I had soup a few times in between and mashed sweet potatoes once.

My After Effects

  • A lot of swelling
  • Pain in the jaw bone area
  • Soared gum
  • Still unable to open my mouth wide enough (April 10th 2014) almost 15 days later.
  • My tongue is still unable to stretch out properly to scrub.
  • I still cannot chew on my left side I have to take my time and eat like a baby still, least I hurt the jaw.
  • I experience bleeding three “3” days from some unknown tooth or wound.

After this ordeal I do not think I want another tooth of mines removed ever. The other three wisdom teeth can remain right where God placed them. I had a horrible experience. I must say that the clinic called few times to ensure how I was doing and one of the Dentist was very lovely “Renuka Bridgelal” she give me her personal number to call her anytime concerning my swellings and pains etc.

Written by: Joanna Chandler

Copyright © 2014


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    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 3 years ago from On planet Earth

      Rebecca it sure wasn't fun you don't need it for wisdom lol its just a terminology because during the age of 17-25 is where we gain our knowledge so aroubd that time span we ought to have gotten those third molars "teeth". Some people get them older.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

      Ouch! I thought that nowadays they put you completely under. This reminds me of my traumatic navy experience of getting my wisdom teeth filled. Thanks entertaining us with your dental horror stories!

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      I'll bet that wasn't fun! Luckily, I never had to have wisdom teeth removed. I guess I'm not wise, LOL!

    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 4 years ago from On planet Earth

      hmmm i see you can relate to my experience craftytothecore.

      Thanks for the read ;)

    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 4 years ago from On planet Earth

      Hi tirelesstraveler hmmm i think if i had gone to sleep i would have been more butchered lol so i was glad i had an eye on them still.

      Good to see you have a happy day.

    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 4 years ago from On planet Earth

      LOL Frankie i hope so to it wasn't a pretty ordeal at all.

    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 4 years ago from On planet Earth

      Hi Genna lol at 'for heaven's sake". Exactly i must know if my brain cells are coming out their sockets. Uh huh they said my case was a lil rare compare to their usual wisdom tooth extractions, STEUPS! I am feeling much better still cannot unhinge my jaw like a shark to devour my food and i am pretty much starved OUT , after all those liquid meals ugh!

    • CraftytotheCore profile image

      CraftytotheCore 4 years ago

      I too had this procedure and it is just as awful as it sounds.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      Wow. Except my husband who they couldn't get completely asleep all the rest of the family were completely asleep for wisdom teeth. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton

      get yourself looked at girl.. I hope I don't go through anything like this :(

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 4 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      “He replied are you sure it’s pain or pressure?” Oh, for heaven’s sake…as if a patient didn’t know the difference? When I read about the stitching, I thought of a possible infection, and hoped they had you on an antibiotic immediately following the surgery. Unfortunately, you experienced one of the nightmare scenarios when things can go wrong with having a wisdom tooth removed. I hope you feel better soon, and that this experience is soon behind you. Hugs and blessings.

    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 4 years ago from On planet Earth

      LOL faith @ i do not know of anyone who loves going to the dentist, especially for something like that. Thanks so much for coming by my dear.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Whew! I have been there too, and it is no fun. You have written an extensive hub here on your wisdom tooth extraction horror!

      Hope you feel better soon. I do not know of anyone who loves going to the dentist, especially for something like that!


    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 4 years ago from On planet Earth

      Hey jackie thanks again for stopping by and yes i use the warm salt water i think i need a next dentist to check it for me . Honestly i doh think i want a next one to go in my mouth i may bite them

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 4 years ago from California

      Feel better soon!!

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Wow; I don't know but maybe you should see a doctor to make sure you aren't getting lockjaw. Have you had a tetanus shot? I think you need one about every ten years especially with something like this. Rinsing with weak warm salt water might help you. Hope you get better soon.