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Can an Everyday Herb Save Your Life?

Updated on May 24, 2012

The Life-Saving Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

There is no better story of the power of an herb to assist health than that of cayenne pepper and Dick Quinn. Suffering from high blood pressure since age 16, with strokes and heart attacks prevalent in his family, Dick was only 42 on May 29, 1978 when he was suddenly hit with a heart attack on his way to an office meeting.

It happened as Dick was waiting for an elevator and he describes it as a near death experience: "It seemed my spirit was being separated from my body, so my body could die. I was connected to my body by only the most tenuous thread. ... My body did not collapse or fall in pain. It just stood there. ...I met my mother, who had died months before. There were other people with her (page 5)."

Not wanting to leave his wife and five children, he returned to his body "by the elevator in that big,black glass building in Minneapolis" and lived. The next day he had an angiogram and discovered the left main artery to his heart was 98% blocked. The next morning he had a bypass surgery and within days he was discharged from the hospital.

Home, But Not Safely Home

He was home about a week, progressively feeling more and more weak when the gratuitous event happened. Then one day he decided to take a break and visit a nearby lake. But he was soon exhausted from the short walk he had just taken from his car and needed to rest on the shore. A lady noticed his condition and began talking to him. She said to begin taking cayenne pepper right away to recover. Though he thought it absurd that the heart could be treated by a herb from a grocery store, he remembered the advice.

But it wasn't until he fell to the ground repeatedly, grew even sicker, and experienced temporary blindness--six months later--that he acted and purchased the cayenne capsules. Soon after, he was back on his feet, more alive than ever before. So energized was he that in a fit of enthusiasm, he ran out and shoveled the snow off his porch! As he states," It's just incredible--nothing less. I have controlled my heart disease, staved-off a heart attack, felt terrific and enjoyed a wonderful quality of life for years because of a common kitchen spice. Cayenne is my 'wonder drug.' I would not be alive today without it (page 20)."

Of course, you may read all the details of Dick's incredible adventure in his absorbing, true account Left for Dead (only available through his website www.rfquinn). Since then he has written a sequel to this book entitled Death by Deception: Unmasking Heart Failure. More importantly, however, what you will also encounter in his first book is the heartfelt testimonials from scores of others who likewise have benefited physically by taking cayenne.

You see Dick went on to dedicate the rest of his life to spreading the word about this beneficial herb and also other herbs he later found offer significant assistance in combination with it.. He founded the company The Heart Foods Company which offers cayenne at higher levels that can be found in most health stores. And the testimonials, again, from customers who benefited from his herb are simply amazing...(See Chapter 9 "Letters from the Heart.")

The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and other Herbs

Cayenne (circulatory system and digestive system), garlic (antibiotic and lowering blood pressure),ginger (stomach and digestive disorders), gotu kola (mental stamina and inflammation),hawthorn (blood pressure), lecithin (chloesterol), onion (blood purifier and thinner) and valerian (nervous disorder) are all additionally discussed in Mr.Quinn's book. Cayenne, however, is exulted as the most beneficial herb to ingest to protect one's health and in particular, the heart and circulatory system. Dick Quinn still takes cayenne capsules today beginning with four in the morning to clear his arteries and boost his metabolism. Of course, he can not say enough about what this herb has done for his life.

Need More Information?

If you are still thirsty for information, please obtain Mr.Quinn's book for yourself and you will gain a much greater appreciation (go to the website mentioned earlier). There are also others out there extolling the virtues of cayenne as you will discover by surfing the Internet. Additional information can also be found through the link below to Green World Tree.

Back Cover of Dick Quinn's Book


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    • frogyfish profile image


      7 years ago from Central United States of America

      Very interesting. I have read before of how cayenne pepper does help the heart and circulatory system but not to this great extent. Thanks for your story info here.


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