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Smoking Kills Others

Updated on October 5, 2015

Legal Serial Killers

If you were to ask me who I believe is more damaging to society, a heroin addict or a nicotine addict, I will have to say the nicotine addict gets my vote. At least a heroine user is only harming themself. Whereas a smoker in addition to damaging their health, is also harming others, the environment and not to mention their family, who will have to watch them perhaps someday suffer in a hospital bed and then later painfully mourn for their loss. To be brief, smokers are a bunch of murderers who slyly kill through their fumes, forcing the innocent to smoke passively.

Yes my opinion may be extreme to some and I will voice these thoughts to every smoker that comes my way.
I will admit that I do have violent images when I’m walking down the street, when in my attempt to breathe some fresh air, a random gust of toxic fumes proceeds to travel up my nasal passage making their uninvited way inside towards my untainted organs. In short, please fart in my face, but dare to breathe smoke my way and I will stab you and tear your polluted lungs out with my imagination.

Smokers have the knowledge of the widely known effects of what passive smoking can do, yet some are a selfish bunch of addicts who still walk down the street and blow poison in other people’s faces. I’m sure that they are aware that when they exhale the 4000 chemicals into the air, it is the cause of death for an average of 60,000 people world wide every year, mostly children.
And on top of injuring human life, this group throws their little fatal stick onto the ground, knowing full well that they are cleaned from the land only to be dumped into the lakes and rivers causing the marine life to come under threat when they are eaten by them. Also for every three hundred cigarettes, a tree is cut down. The list can go on about the environmental causes, but I won’t bore you, and will leave this research for you to do.

Why is it that drugs such as heroin, cocaine, speed etc are banned, yet tobacco which is the major cause of death in comparison is legal? I have never heard of a child having smoking related cancer because their father is a coke addict, nor have I heard that millions of trees are being cut down, to support heroin addiction. Yet greed always wins, the greed of multi billion dollar tobacco companies, who in my opinion are a bunch of legal serial killers, whose accomplices are the smokers that are slowly but surely killing the innocent.

P.S - To all smokers reading this, you are probably red with rage right now, huffing and puffing wishing you could find me, tie me down and blow puffs of smoke in my face until I beg for mercy. Well that's a nice image ain't it! but just know that this article is just an exaggerated rant from my behalf and of course for entertainment purposes. So hope not too much offence was taken. Peace and love :)

Have you ever tried to give up smoking?

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