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Legal Laziness ... Could It Be?

Updated on March 19, 2011

Smilaziness ... It's the latest syndrom! Catch it if you can!

Legal Laziness ... A License To Rest

Actually being Lazy is an earned State of Mind. In your mind you are relaxing, and winding down from whatever it was you were doing. People feel the need to make excuses when they're relaxing because they feel guilty about it.

The fact of the matter is they've earned it, and are indulging in the Art of being Lazy. It's a very valuable asset to earn in our travels through life.

R and R is a very important aspect of our existence. Without it, we are without the spark, and back bone to make things happen. People when well rested can do amazing things in life.

Relaxation is absolutely necessary, earned by hard work. That's why I call it Legal Laziness. It's legal, you worked hard, and you've earned it, so have at it! You're totally legal!

Right now I've earned the right to be legally Lazy, and write about it on hubpages. I've read some comments on here, about should I write, or should I do the dishes? Well the answer is, if you worked, and feel the need to relax then you should.

Let's not confuse this with a true lazy person. One being of the takers side, and not holding his/her own. Working on a situation, or task to be solved, in turn making you advance further in life is the break down of what an effort is. Should you realize making an effort towards a goal can advance your life, then you are awake, and paying attention.

It really is all about math. Mathematics of the human mind, body, and realm is quite astounding. What humans are capable of is beyond what you can currently comprehend. Our Brains alone are fully equipped with the ability to do things beyond the current level we exist within.

People are so busy with the typical daily stress they're used to. Beyond that realm, much deeper in the actual state we are in is an existence of profound mental awareness, that is in tune with the current state of advancement.

There is a higher level of awareness and stability in life. Reaching that plateau of comfort, and actually being comfortable in this state, is a divided path we learn to choose wisely. Our minds are geared to accept what we tell it, and unless the contrary should come into play...will take it for gospel. Your brain believes whatever you tell it.

Legal Laziness is a derivative of a Slacker. Someone who people have to over compensate for, to pick up the slack for. Typically it is a term used often with young teens, or in Back To The Usually at that time of life, you're going through major hormonal changes, and may do things you wouldn't normally do.

The concept of being Legally Lazy, because you've earned it is a very enjoyable state to be in. Announcing you are on "Legal Lazy Time" is actually fun too. Fortunately for earned it!

Let's get technical for a moment. You worked 10 hours, then you cleaned the house, did the dishes, put the laundry in, and have dinner cooking, and you're waiting for your special someone to arrive, and notice all the hard work you just did to earn the time to hang out and have a good time. The art of relaxing, and mentally stimulating ones minds to join in the art of Legal Laziness. To indulge in self absorption, and enjoy the stolen time from reality.

It is stolen, because no matter how you slice it, our lives are set back by many events, occurrences, and scenarios that happen to each individual which in turn offsets history overall, totally beyond our control. Your history, and my history just changed completely because someone, somewhere else just did something to cause a chain reaction which will inevitably carry over into your life, and mine...permanently.

Every being on the planet is offsetting history as we speak. Our lives dangle in the balance, and we the people have no clue...just how bad it really is. Being blissfully ignorant, and casual about the goings on of the government bodies who claim to rule our traditional society is the only downfall of mankind.

The mankind I know, and feel is much more aggressive than that, and will take nothing at face value. People want something that is real, and tangible. Not Poppy Cock, and Fluffer Nutter!

Our people of our nation are a Hard Working Mis-Directed Society. Lead Astray, and deceived. There are mathematical equations to every single thing on Earth. Everything boils down to pure, indisputable Math.

To have a tiny bit of insight into a broader realm than you currently possess, to unlock the door to open your mind to what has been beyond your comprehension previously. To allow other realms above what you previously believed to exist.

This plateau of awareness is a level of understanding that is accomplished, and exercised. It is a higher level of being, who you are, and where you're going. Knowing that, and the application of what you learn can be applied in any area...including being lazy...legally.

Funny how it's construed as so many other things, other than what it truly is...relaxation. Realizing of course some abuse the privilege of relaxation, many may feel guilty over it. Overall it is the best tool to unwind, untwist, and defrag from the daily stress of life in general.

The next time you plop down in that comfy chair, with a beer, a soda, a glass of wine...remember that you could possibly be...engaging in Legal Laziness! Enjoy the heck out of it! :)

Did You Earn It? Or Not?

Just Lounging Around...


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    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Hi Sweetie Pie:

      Thanks for the comment! :)

      Everything boils down to the Math of a situation. Percentages, and pieces of the pie.

      From my own studies in psychology, much of the laziness stems from a mass depression going on. In actuality...there is no time to Be Depressed! It's time to get busy, and secure a productive routine, thus insuring the future.

      The hidden messages, and undertones here are the core of the story. Really it's a way of nicely saying, "Get Your butt to work!" lol

      Unless you've done the work at hand... it aint legal!


    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      The difference between the past and now is people have more free time to and thus have more of a tendency to fall into this category. However, it is all subjective of course and depends on your point of view. Interesting hub.