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Legal EPO For Cyclists

Updated on September 28, 2006

Chlorophyll, Nature's EPO

All competitive cyclists know either first hand or through news how effective EPO can be in increasing one's ability to deliver oxygen to working muscles. Of course, EPO was not designed for healthy people and its use by athletes has been linked to a lrge number of serious health problems including death.

I have found through years of competitive cycling and research that there are many natural foods and supplements that can increase one's oxygen uptake and therefore, greatly improve performance. As a vegetarian I have always enjoyed the green leafy vegetables. In addition, I have used concentrated Chlorophyll in liquid form as a supplement. In concert with proper nutrition and training it has helped me maintain healthy levels of red blood cells and relatively high VO2Max of over 60 at 59 years of age.

Chlorophyll is instrumental in maximizing lung function, adjusting to high altitude areas, maintaning healthy muscles, digesting food, absorbing minerals, wound healing, slowing down the aging process through its superior anti-oxident properties and protecting the immune system.

Chlorophyll is a natural chemical which is readily available in dark green leafy vegetables. Wheat grass, barley grass, Spirulina, green algea, spinach, broccoli and asparagus are a great source for natural Chlorophyll. It is also available as supplements in tablet or liquid form. I prefer the concentrated liquid form mixed with water or any fruit juice.

The product that I use and like is ChlorOxygen by

Note: I do not have any financial/business interest in this product. It is just something that I've used that works for me.


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      joz 9 years ago

      yeah fair enough point you made it is clear that your facts are correct