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Leptin: The Fat Burning Hormone and How to Unleash Its Power

Updated on July 15, 2014

Your Body Probably Produces More Than Enough Leptin!

Leptin is the fat burning hormone that is your best friend! However, processed foods and obesity cause leptin resistance, meaning that your body may be producing large amounts of leptin, but it's not able to burn fat in you cells because what you eat is causing resistance to leptin's fat burning powers! And extreme weight loss programs do not promote leptin production! Extreme diets always cause a drop in leptin production, because your body goes into full survival mode of keeping as much fat to survive (thinking that you are starving yourself).

Here's the Important Part

The more overweight you are, the more your brain doesn't recognize high leptin levels in your body because your brain isn't getting the things it needs, triggering your body to store as much fat as possible instead of burning it. This is called leptin resistance. It works much the same way as insulin resistance in diabetics. The problem is not because there isn't enough leptin production in the body, but due to brain starvation which signals the body to keep eating because it's still not getting the nutrients it needs. In fact, the more fat the body stores, the more leptin it produces, but the brain doesn't recognize it, because, remember, the brain says it's starving even though your body is not. The key, then, is to feed the starving brain that is creating the hunger pangs and cravings.

Leptin Resistence and Insulin Resistence

One of the keys to reducing leptin resistance in order to restore fat burning is to reduce insulin resistance, according to 1experts. The more insulin resistance you have, the more prone to diabetes you are, and the more prone to leptin resistance you are, the more prone you are to storing fat.

Diets high in fast burning 2high glycemic index carbohydrates and sugars and processed foods cause leptin resistance and 3elevated triglydeides. When tests were administered for a high fat, high calorie diet compared to high fructose diets, test subjects ate greater amounts of sugars and carbohydrates than those on a high fat, high calorie diet! Basically, starved brains are the reason why most all 4fad diets fail.

Do I Need a Leptin Supplement?

Based on the information above, you already have plenty of leptin in your body. Only rarely do some people not have enough. And since you more than likely have enough leptin to activate healthy, safe weight loss, all you need to know is how to activate and optimize your body so the plentiful amounts of leptin in your body can begin doing its job. So, the short answer is, NO, you do NOT need a leptin supplement. You just need to eat in a way that will activate the leptin you already have!

In Summary: How to Stimulate Leptin Production

1. Eliminate as many processed foods and sugars as you can. Eat only "one ingredient" foods like any vegetable, fruit, meat, nut, healthy oil, etc.

2. Increase your water intake to keep hydrated. Lots of water helps flush out toxins and keep things moving. A sluggish body is an unhealthy body.

3. Eat more fiber rich foods like bran, beans, whole grains, berries, green foods, and nuts.

4. Get more sleep!! Yes, it's true! Your body makes all kinds of repairs and corrections while you sleep, including balancing hormones like leptin!

5. Increase your heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day doing some kind of fun, healthy activity. Increasing circulation improves brain function, circulation, and optimizes digestion and helps regulate hormone balances, like leptin.

6. Allow yourself to have one to two "cheat meals" one day a week so that your body won't feel deprived of what it loves. Cheat meals greatly reduce cravings for foods you miss, help you feel satisfied, and guard against extreme dietary changes that usually lead to going back to the way you always ate.


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