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Less Intake of Salt Guarantees Good Health

Updated on November 16, 2012

If you make a small change in your eating habits, that will do a world of good in improving your health. Experts advise that the daily salt intake should not exceed 1,500 mg. The American Heart Association has conducted an extensive research on this topic and they have issued this advice to people. The suggestion that people should reduce their salt intake is meant not only for those who have medical conditions but for those who are maintaining good health also.

According to AHA findings, reduced salt intake will lessen the risk of ailments like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. A medical survey has found out that over 76 million American adults and more than 1 billion people throughout the world have blood pressure-related problems. These problems may lead to serious cardiovascular diseases, say a statement from Tulane University.

The fact is that the average daily intake of salt of adults and children is more than 3,400 mg. that is much more than what the body needs. The problem is that most of this intake comes through processed and packaged ready-made foods. According to AHA, by improved systems of labeling, the sodium contents of food items can be revealed to people. In addition to that, there should be stringent measures to limit salt intake, especially the intake through processed and ready-made packaged foods.

People, on their part, should make conscious changes in their dietary habits. Instead of eating processed and ready-made foods, they should develop the habit of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, food items made of wholesome grains, etc. Processed foods come with another danger also. Most of them contain chemical preservatives that can do immense harm to the health of people. These chemicals settle in the fat cells of the body. When fat cells get stronger due to this, people may find it difficult to reduce their excess weight or fat. This may ultimately lead to several ailments like blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and so on.

So, by reducing your salt intake and by getting rid of dietary mistakes like eating processed foods, etc., you can be certain of maintaining a good health.


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