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Let Go --Look to the Future!!!

Updated on January 24, 2010

Visualizations and Affirmations

There are many ways to let go of the past and move into your future... to work on building a wholistic life, use these two ideas: visualization and affirmations.

The past is like a scratched record, remember the old vinyl types that had grooves the needle went over to make the sound? But that is about as far as the analogy goes, for there was no way to fix a scratched record that had a groove so deep that the needle couldn't get out of it. But basically, I think of the past that is stuck in the subconscious that way. It's a groove, or rut, that is hard to get out of.

Starting to make new habits for yourself is the answer, at every level of your being. Wholistically speaking [please see my previous hubs of WLP (Wholistic Lifestyle Planning)], we are beings of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awareness levels of consciousness.

To create new perspectives in the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of life, find some beautiful pictures that inspire you to think of your concept of God (highest power or infinite source; whichever word gets you thinking about that kind of thing). And practice visualizing those pictures; all the colors, figures, objects of nature, angels or whatever; whatever brings you joy, or at least in the beginning, gets your mind focused on something different than the past.

Then make up affirmations that describe what you are visualizing and the emotional feelings you want to create as new habits. i.e. I am joyful seeing the beautiful pictures of..., I am noticing colors I have never seen before. I am creating new habits for myself to enjoy life. Using the 'I am' keeps you in the now. Be creative; that is healing, too.

Then write the affirmations out, as many times as you like. Visualize for several minutes, several times a day, look at the pictures as often as you need to teach yourself how to visualize it. Say the affirmations several times, many times if you like, adding positive intonation to your speech, or sing the affirmations. Repition is "re-writing" the subconscious habits.

To add another level of help, play some classical music, like Handel, Bach or Mozart, that is uplifting and organized in structure. Remember, you are retraining you brain and soul to do something different than the "old recorded" rut.

All of this repetition is taking you out of the old groove, setting you on a new path and filling your soul (subconscious) with new stuff to focus on instead of the past. It also brings you into the now, which is where you want to be.

Exercise, anything that is cardiovascular, will fill your brain and body cells with fresh oxygen, adding to the uplifting feeling you are going for. For a real power upliftment; walk in the outdoors while you say your affirmations and look at the beauty around you. Focus on the here and now, for now. Healing is all about being in the here and now, comfortably and securely. Once you bring heal your soul out of that 'stuck-ness' or depression, then looking to the future and using the same techniques will put a mighty momentum into all you want to do.

The main points I want to make are; that you establish a connection with your sense of being an important part of the Universe (Higher Power, God), start understanding components of your psychology, verbalize/ affirm positive things, and that you visualize what you want for now. All of this will give you the desire and momentum to decide what you want to do for the future. To be whole, doing all of this is important. There may be other points that are important for you; seek and yea shall find.

SEE IT; SPEAK IT; BE IT: Onward and upward positive movement in consciousness and in the physical. Pray for it if you are so inclined. Command it of the Universe, you have that right.

BE patient and kind with your self. You deserve it. Believe it. Your soul needs the nurturing.

Peace and Blessings to you,



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