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Letter from a Friend

Updated on June 1, 2010
My Son, Steven, on his 18 birthday
My Son, Steven, on his 18 birthday

Steven Lee Mills

Steven Lee Mills

In loving memory of Steven Lee Mills

Born: May, 7 1990
Passed away: December, 31 2008
Age: 18

Steven Lee Mills was more then a friend he was a brother. I remember so many special moments that we shared. He was always happy always, he was a good man and had he had the chance he would have been the best father in the whole world. He loved his little girl Angel. He loved Tammy & he would have been the best father to little Brandon.
Steven was taken from us on December 31, 2008 at 11:40 PM. He was only 18 years old he had his whole life ahead of him and he had a bright future. The thing that hurts the most is seeing his kids growing up not knowing how great there father was. He was a kind man he was always looking out for other people.
I remember going out with Steve and he would always have to get changed before he could go anywhere and he always had to where his hats you almost never seen him with out a hat. We all miss Steven he was my best friend.
His brother Joey often seems lost and Dakota angry. It has been over a year and he would be 20 this year and I still miss him with all my heart. I can remember going to his house and hearing him sing in the shower he would always sing so loud. He was also so protective of his one true love Tammy Hall the mother of Angel and of his son Brandon. I know that God makes all men answer for there crimes but I hope that these guys get there justice on earth and then again in heaven but that’s just me. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Steven every time I see his mother or his brothers or even his kids or Tammy I want to cry I find then a reminder of him and that his hard. I love them all.
Steven was also a member of the local union 1325 when he died. I hope that the guys that did this to him understand what they did to his family and friends. I hope that these guys know that we all love Steven and I just ask them to do the right thing, just turn yourself in, ask for forgiveness, ask us not the law!
The life of Steven was a short but profound one. We will always miss him. Steven will live forever in the hearts of family & friends. Love you Steven Happy 20th Birthday!


Dedicated to: Steven Lee Mills

From: Timothy William Wellington


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