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"Letter to YOU" RE: How can I elevate my confidence level quick?

Updated on February 8, 2011

Dear YOU,

I am not here to talk about what confidence is (just answer this question for yourself - What is confidence in my world?). I am here to offer you 3 powerful exercises (contact me for more exercises) - use these once a day for a month and feel the difference.

"Mirror for a Hero" exercise

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a big room with two mirrors on opposite walls. In one of them you can see your reflection. Your appearance, facial expression, posture - all reveal an extraordinary degree of uncertainty. You hear how shy and quietly you pronounce the words, and your inner voice constantly repeats: "I am the worst of all!" Try to completely merge with his reflection in the mirror and feel total immersion into the swamp of uncertainty. With each inhalation and exhalation amplify/increase feelings of fear and anxiety. And then slowly "get out" of the mirror and notice how your image is getting dimmer and finally disappearing altogether. You'll never go back to that mirror again.

Slowly turn and look into your reflection in another mirror. You are - a confident person! Memory brings back three bright events in your life when you were on a horseback. Remember the sounds, images and smells that accompanied these events when you felt the most confident. Your inner voice shouts: "I believe in myself, I am confident!"

What color is your confidence? Fill yourself with this color (every cell of your body). Create a cloud of confidence and they surround your body with it. Create music, smells and words of your confidence. See/feel the image of your confidence and merge with it. Imagine gold inscription on the wall: "I am confident!". Imagine a huge room. You're standing on stage, and tens of thousands of people applaud you. Deep breath and open your eyes.

"Confidence pump" exercise

Choose a color that you associate with confidence. And then fill up your body with this colour: every cell, every muscle and every nerve. Each of us has its own "music of confidence": for someone it’s a military march, for others it’s a classical or rock music. Play YOUR melody in your head during the "pumping". Also, each of us has a personal "smell of confidence." For each of us the confidence smells differently: it may be fragrance/perfume, the smell of a gun or boxing gloves.

"Inscription of confidence" exercise

Imagine a wonderful rainbow, as wide as the sky. There is an inscription with huge letters: "I am confident ". While you are reading it, hear a thunderous voice: "I believe in myself!".

Be healthy, happy and wealthy…. & remember: “Practise makes PERMANENT, not perfect”

Always by your side,



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