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"Letters to YOU" Re: How do I motivate myself?

Updated on November 16, 2010

Dear You,

My latest workshop is on New Year's Resolutions. We all know how easy it is to set a goal and how hard it is to take action. If you are not motivated enough to do something, then I suggest you do an exercise on values elicitation (there is a lot of info available on the internet RE: values elicitation OR ask me and I will email you a copy of the exercise which I use with my clients). When you get your 10 top values (e.g. health, love, friend, honesty etc), set at least 1 GOAL for each thing you value in life. That is the trick - goals you set have to be congruent with your values. If your top value is health and your goal is to maintain healthy lifestyle through starting gym & other classes, then the chances that you will take actions are very high. That's your starting point - prioritise your values!! Here are tips on maintaining motivation.


1. Set specific concrete goal (aim, target, achievement) stated in POSITIVE TERMS (e.g. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight”, say “I want to weigh 8.5 stone”). This guideline will lead you in the right direction.

2. Future results should evoke STRONG POSITIVE EMOTIONS. What are the reasons for wanting to do what you're going? (write down all the possible reasons). Find your TRUE intention. What is more important than the goal corresponding with your core values? The stronger the link between your core values and goals, the stronger motivation will be.

3. Each step you take brings you closer to your goal. And it's great! Success of achieving your big goal is directly linked to the success of small actions you take on a daily basis. You have achieved something today - so there is reason to rejoice. You have made an effort - you got result and it's good.

4. Break down your big goal into a number of small goals (I.e. list of actions). This strategy will allow you to begin ACTING today rather than postpone it indefinitely. The division of the work into separate parts makes it possible to identify the necessary DAILY EFFORTS. In addition, regular work creates a certain rhythm of activity. This rhythm, or rather compliance with it, starts to act as an INDEPENDENT MOTIVATING FORCE for the continuation of activities.

5. Give yourself feedback on a daily basis. We are talking about the ability to perceive the results your daily actions, the ability to see, hear and feel everything that happens to us and around us. Unfortunately, people often ignore feedback and fail to achieve big goals.

6. Compare your today’s results to yesterday’s results. Such mechanism of comparison allows us to emphasize progress toward the goal. Even if you make today - it's just a painted line or a single brick, laid in the wall of a future home. Any step toward the goal associated with positive experiences. It is important not to drown, and enhance those experiences. NEVER compare the result of today’s action to your ultimate goal. Your today’s achievement will seem small comparing to your big goal. However, remember that this small action you took, brought you closer to your ultimate goal.

Each step you take brings you closer to success! Everything that is written above, cannot give you the motivation, but it will help you understand that motivation is already there!

Be healthy, happy and wealthy….& remember: "Do not wait to strike until the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking"

Always by your side,



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    • Tati Irodova profile image

      Tatiana Irodova 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for your support!!

    • Blog Me Down profile image

      Blog Me Down 7 years ago

      Tati, what a great hub of information. It is so important to create goals for yourself that they become stepping stones of our progress and let us know how we're doing. I think it's great that there are people like you sharing their expertise with so many people. Thank you for the grea hub.

    • Tati Irodova profile image

      Tatiana Irodova 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thx for ur comments guys, very much appreciated! xx

    • profile image

      LK 7 years ago

      Wow, a completely thought provoking blog!

      I think that's the the imperative thing about goals, targets, whatever you set yourself in life really..... Precision.

      I'm not talking about the type of precision that ostracises you, or the type that leads you to run an almost OCD lifestyle, but the type of precision that allows to be specific and know exactly what you want... To interpret what you say, how can you achieve anything if you're being wishy washy about it?! How on earth can you chase something down, relentlessly pursuing it, unless you know EXACTLY what it is that you're chasing....

      Weight for example is the perfect analogy to use, it's an issue that probably all women have some sort of ongoing, ever persistent, nagging and unnecessary brawl with..."I want to lose weight"... Alright, you've managed to lose 3 pounds, are you happy? NO, even though you've lost weight, you haven't been specific, you feel negative, you feel a failure, you feel even worse than before you managed to lose three pounds because you don't know where it's meant to end... But, to say "By Christmas, I'll have lost a stone" you know specifically what's left to go...

      It's the same with success... I WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL, great, good for you, but the one thing to remember that it's only human nature to want want want.. So why not follow a path, just like you've described above, meet goals, satisfy them and then constantly move the goal post?! That's what I'll be doing.

      So people, read and appreciate this blog properly, look at WHAT'S intended, not how you can add to what are these utterly fantastic foundations and think that from small acorns grow mighty oaks.. Aim small and skyrocket.

      Thanks for this post, Tatiana, it'll keep me thinking for a while :D

    • infonolan profile image

      infonolan 7 years ago from Australia

      Being a university student, I always find it is very challenging to keep up. I suppose it is not the workload that is challenging, however; it's how we manage it. Great advice! Am rating this up.