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Letting Go After Death

Updated on April 24, 2020
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Growing up as a child death had always been by my side and I had no option but to face it or die too

What Exactly To Be Done

1. Cry Your Lungs Out

Never be afraid to shed off your tears because it does help out with the pain. As you cry allow your tears to flow freely down your cheeks as it flows with the feelings of sadness hidden deep in your heart. This gives you a chance to be happy again later

Never restrain yourself from crying
Never restrain yourself from crying

2. Talk Of The Departed Openly

Talk about them loud enough for everyone to listen, share how you came to know of each other, share how you had fun with each other, share what the departed liked, share how he reacted to different problems, share how you felt when you heard of his/her demise

To The Well Organised Minds Death Is But The Next Great Adventure

3. Be Positive About Death

Always have in mind that we all die and that in one way or the other we shall reunite with our loved ones. Try to be happy when one leaves you, take it as he/she is already done with the business of life in which we are all waiting for our turns.

Be present when this happens, see it with your own eyes
Be present when this happens, see it with your own eyes

What It Will Never Come Again Is What Makes Life So Sweet

4. Hold On To The Memories You Shared

Keep the photos you took together safely in your room, Take a look at the pictures and keep on reflecting about those days. You may find yourself laughing over the funny pictures you took and this will feel nice. Burial does not mean forgetting your loved one, always treasure the memories, it will help you out

Be part of the procession, carry the body to its final resting place if you can
Be part of the procession, carry the body to its final resting place if you can

What To Do After Burial

Remember that even the heaviest of rains eventually ceases, Somehow life has to continue, The following will help you with moving on

  1. Have fun, don't miss out the birthday parties, those fun clubs, the gaming stuff, the movie watching, go out there and live your own life and make sure you enjoy it.

find fun, do what you love, enjoy life when you still have the time
find fun, do what you love, enjoy life when you still have the time

2. Be patient with yourself , This is especially if the departed was your spouse, Don't hurry up to get into other relationship, give yourself time and let everything happen at its time

3. Get yourself busy, if you are finding it hard to move on with your life, as usual, take it upon yourself to find something to do, Sometimes we find the peace of mind we so much desire in the daily routine. So keep working.

4. Visit the grave occasionally, Moving on does not mean forgetting, the dead will still have a special place in your heart and it is good if you visit them. You can take the opportunity to say how you are doing.

5. Continue sharing the dead's life journey, Show your children the departed's photos, tell them his strengths and weakness alike, this should go on as much as you live, you may not know it but it reduces the stress most people deal with.

No One Is Dead Until The Ripples They Cause In The World Die Away

Understanding Death

Before you think of doing anything stupid after losing someone always remember death is here to stay. I have heard of people getting even angry with the dead for leaving them so soon. But did they have a say in this matter?

Sometimes death could have been the only remedy for a person's long-suffering, people could get to a point in their life that they wish for death. As the people who have been left behind we need to let it go, let them go in peace and allow their souls to find the freedom they craved for so much

Letting go when a friend commits suicide

Bear in in your mind that the victim must have thought about it for long, As a friend, family member or even spouse do your part, ACCEPT it, try to understand him and look at it positively. Remember your times together, be grateful for his life and be happy he lived.

Letting Go When A Friend Succumbs To Illness

This being the major cause of many deaths gives you no option but to come in terms with it. Appreciate the fact that the victim had fought to stay alive to the very last of his breath. See it as an alternative of suffering, be happy he/she died rather than to suffer so much and always assure yourself you will meet one day in the next life

Letting GO when A Friend Dies Of An Accident

Accept it that accidents do occur, and like other deaths, we have no say in the matter. Take it as a life well spent and that his/her life was to begin in another world. Accept that no one intends for an accident and that it was all God's plan. Never stress yourself with things you have no control over

Life Should Not Be A Journey To The Grave With The Intention Of Arriving Safely In A Pretty And Well Preserved Body, But Rather To Skid In Broadside In A Cloud Of Smoke, Thoroughly Used Up, Totally Worn Out, And Loudly Proclaiming '' Wow, What A Ride''

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 victorsrealtimes


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