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Life Oh Blessed Life; A peace to Manatita

Updated on March 5, 2020
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I like to come at things from a different angle. Usually if we take some words and apply them to ourselves we can then apply to the world.

Planting Flowers

Now he is as big as tall as that shovel and knows how to use it.
Now he is as big as tall as that shovel and knows how to use it. | Source

Bringing Us Together in Chorus

Humble Offering

Somehow Manatita, brought this to mind, when it seems to be such a time of fear and hate

Just some poetry of gratitude which is my attitude. Perhaps some meaning I will find, perhaps to you it will be kind. I am not certain of the things I do, I never meant to hurt you too. Why oh why do I find this crazy solace in a world so filled with malice? I see a virus and as a living thing, should not its life we sing. Not so hard this living will to love your enemies even still. Disease and petulance are our lot in life, perhaps as a whole we grow stronger in strife. I dedicate this piece in stride to a man I know that gives me healthy pride – to grow.

Never in life’s delight

A Lantern carrier’s right

Words are mixed here and there

Upon sweet oceans of words declare

No I do?

Love is knew?

Bring savory lights aplomb

Cozy in my faithful womb

He brings life to dark

Not upon some selfless lark

A gift given to you and I

A gift to bring us all to try

Love is known to us

Let there be no more fuss

He brings a something, a joy

Like delight in a new found boy

We do not ever forget

The peace and breathe that he begets

Love is not beneath it is within

His constant din

So Manatita and I do not see eye to eye in conversing. Not strange at all for ever versing. My lordy! He and I are words and works apart. We come from different points of art. I am trained in preaching and law and have many children of who I call mine. He is a gift of care, a nurse so very sublime. He is trained and a teacher in Sri Chinmoy bringing to all of us peace and joy. But of all we do not compete. In my walk he does complete.

So let us be humble and taught. For Manatita is not for not.

The boy teacher and father student walk into the garden at night

No fear is here no awesome fright

The Lantern carrier is by our side

Leaving love here to reside

Let all the world have reprieve

If in the love to there we leave

Starlight, moonlight and sunlight

He gives to us so much bright

Travel the world to distant places

Joy in life in all it’s faces

New York, New York or South Africa

Germany and South America

Look not hard for the Lantern

Try not for you to earn

It is there right by your side

For in your heart he doth abide

Ancient Piute

A favorite space.
A favorite space. | Source

The Curtain is Only Rising My Friend


I got up early in the morning and went outside a bit. Darkness is beautiful I must admit. It was a chosen area of my delight that I went to just out of sight. I found what I was looking for. Looking at me like I was a bore. Just my little garden mole. Creeping out of her hidden hole. Now it might be possible to think that I need a real good shrink. But I have Manatita to guide me right. Carrying his lantern to my delight.

Perhaps a person comes into our lives not for us. Perhaps they come in so that by touching us we touch another and they another and that was the real deal all along. I often think that Manatita is using me. Using me as a conduit to spread the love further and further. I like that thought.


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