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Life Style: Staying Well For A Long And Healthy Life

Updated on February 14, 2017
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Cooking is one of my passions. Though I am working, I make nutritious and tasty food at home. My food has less oil and no artificial color.

Every body wants to stay healthy:

We observe, everybody in this world aspires to stay healthy and live for a longer time. To achieve this, many factors contribute their share. Some, such as environment and genetic inheritance are impossible or difficult to control or change, but there are many things you can do to increase your chances of leading a longer, healthier life.

Steps one can take to Live a Longer and Healthier Life

  • Include varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The more varieties in your diet, the more likely to get all the needed nutrients. Whole grains, leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, colored vegetables in the daily meals makes the food nutrient rich. Use dairy products, oil, sweeteners, and meat in moderation as heavy consumption of them may lead to more calorie intake and also raise cholesterol level.

  • Regular exercise is a must for keeping good health. Vigorous exercise at times helps in keeping bones, joints, and muscles in good working condition. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, helps in weight control, relieves stress and gives mental relaxation.
  • Every day stresses harm your health. Try to find out ways to deal with the stresses. Yoga, regular walking, exercise, meditation, and massage are a few relaxation techniques that may help in relieving the stress. Try to keep a positive mental outlook even in problem situations. Discussing the problem with your family members or close friends may help you in finding some solution in stressful situations. Try to do or concentrate on work or job which you are interested in. It will give you inner peace and satisfaction.
  • Keeping your weight under control promotes good health. People who are overweight tend to contract ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, and arthritis. On the other hand, people who are underweight may have lower resistance to infections.

overweight body
overweight body
  • Smoking habit is bad for health. If you are a smoker, quit smoking. Smokers tend to die more from lung cancer, bronchitis, and heart disease than non-smokers or ex-smokers.
  • If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation. Heavy drinking over a long period is harmful to your health. It may damage your physical, mental, professional well-being. Heavy drinkers are looked down upon by others and may result in social isolation.
  • Visiting your doctor regularly lowers your health risk. Regular health check-ups and screening tests detect the diseases such as cancer, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, glaucoma, and tuberculosis before they start causing symptoms.
  • Go for immunization against infectious diseases. Avoid unnecessary risks like climbing on the parapet wall, racing on the road etc. Try to use safety equipment for potentially dangerous work or leisure activities.
  • Drink fresh water. Take medicines only when necessary. Have safe sex. While traveling to foreign countries, take required immunization before the travel.
  • Keeping good relationship with the family, friends, colleagues, and with other individuals whom you come into contact. The whole idea is to keep a sense of community and cordial relationship with others. This way, you can have a peaceful mind.


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