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Balancing Chizz Cake

Updated on January 22, 2013

Dear readers, amusing as it may seem, we believe the life on the planet has survived because of the equilibrium between different things. Even I believed it until a few days back when there was a discussion going on with my wife where developed a different perception to it.

Starting from atoms to galaxies in the universe, are they in equilibrium? Most of us will agree that they should be. Contradicting the agreement will I place my view. Long before life existed on the planet there were atmosphere, oceans and lands etc. This indicates there were atoms ever since the start of the universe. As we know different atoms have different mass and try to achieve equilibrium and there by combine with a different component. As for example Two Hydrogen atoms combine with One Oxygen and creates H2O aka Water. Here Hydrogen atom or Oxygen atom didn’t know that they will become essential element for living creatures. All it was doing was Achieving Equilibrium. Now let me ask you, What happens to H2O atom after it becomes balanced? Until it is manipulated by something else or affected by external energy it remains in the same state. Let’s have a different example, of something at the large scale. Some star far from our solar system is in the state of equilibrium, this implies the star will not obtain the next level like super nova or white dwarf or such. If the star does not obtain such state it will not emit or absorb any kind of energy. If such occurs that particular thing or matter is no star at all. Isn’t it surprising? Let’s have something simple. Let’s think we, the humans, are most evolved and have equilibrium and have all the knowledge of the world. What then?

Now comes the paradox. As observed in nature things or composites that have achieved equilibrium tend to show no more development further until manipulated or exposed to some energy. Thus even though Amoeba, the oldest living creatures on earth, were able to live and multiply itself for further existence still were not able to cope with some or the other situation and started getting converted into more sophisticated creatures from insects to fishes to mammals and complex of them all, Humans.

These events and examples very well explains the view as if things achieve the state of equilibrium there will be no further growth. The world will become an awful place to live and worst of all we will loose hope to see the higher intelligence evolved out of our own self.

Again I do not propose that equilibrium should not be opted out for as in order to achieve it the world will grow better. However the state once achieved there will not be anything else to be achieved. Hopefully, I am least concerned about such state as of now as to achieve it we the humans will have to research and work for at least a million years and by then the next generation of evolved humans will have some more things to look for.



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