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Life before Kidney Transplant

Updated on August 19, 2009

Hello again, I have been writing about My Trip to Alaska, and My Trip to Alaska Next. I will stop here Even though I have three more episodes left in the series.

This looks like a good jumping of place until I finish what I started last summer. I'm in need of a Kidney. Mine is just worn out and don't work any more. This is a large problem among all people these days, everywhere. Kidney disease is one of the few that I know of that is covered under medicare if your not old. This happens through social security after you start Dialysis you become qualified for a transplant if you don't have insurance.

I have insurance through my job and good coverage too, at least for now. My message is not about insurance or even medicare coverage of this disease but just about me and what you can do to keep going .

Our trip to Alaska started because my friend Mike had a bunch of air miles and needed someone to protect him from the bears. Not sure if this all true or not but I was looking forward to seeing a bear or two while on the trip. We had a very good time in the first leg of the trip" My Trip to Alaska". My friend Mike is an insurance big shot of some kind, A nicer person you'll never meet. His job has allowed him to travel a lot and gathering sky miles thus allowing him to fish all over this God's country.

Mike had giving me a chance to fish in Alaska that may have never happened on my pay grad. Sometimes in our lives we meet people who are so giving that we wounder if they have some other reason. In my case Mike is just one of those friends who stepped up to the plate and helped a friend in need. My donor is a former Marine named Tom who told me two years ago when all this started he was going to give me one of his kidneys. I blew this off due to refusal to accept my condition and other assorted macho stuff. I have smoked good cigars for years. The Cigar Shop in our area is where all this was put together, Tim one of the owners he's like a buzz saw of activity when it comes to helping people .Tim's brother is in need of a Kidney also and of course Tim is going to be a donor too.Is this not a great world or what. Two people in the same place donating their Kidney so someone else can live.There is so many people who are willing to help so please accept this as a blessing. I have been blessed with a whole Sheriff Dept.who has given so much time from their own sick and vacation leave at work and helped around the house if needed.

Case in point, the town that I live in Dawsonville,Ga came to my aide when my sister in law Amy organized a massive fund raiser. A very good friend of mine Shane donated a 1967 Nova S/W original condition. We dragged the car all around north Georgia from car show to car show. This allowed me to be a part of my own fund raiser.

The raffle and dinner drew a very large crowd,hundreds of people I didn't even know. During the live auction we drew the ticket for the car Me and the donor Tom. An older couple who purchased their ticket and spaghetti dinner that night. Shane the car owner gave the winner of the car an option. If this wasn't enough he placed in the mix a 1956 Chevrolet P/U with a 350, buckets and lots of chrome a beautiful baby blue in color made this ride set apart from the original car donated. As life would have it the winning ticket of the car had just left the dinner. Hundreds of people showed up for the dinner and live auction.This could not have been accomplished without the help from all my friends,family and those cops and fireman of Dawson Co, Georgia at work. you have to ask yourself one question when your the person all of this was intended for, why me lord.

Little towns are full of people who care if giving a chance. We raised a titty sum of money when needed . Every where I turn someone ask me hows the operation going, these people are sincere and really care. There is hope for anyone who finds them selves in this dilemma,talk and ask questions, see your doctor, inquire, read,believe in God, it helps when you don't understand whats going on with your mind.

Kidney disease isn't like any other of the bad things that people seem to get. It leaves you not knowing what you are supposed to do about it. Once you enter the hospital for treatment of Kidney disease you leave wanting more information.

My trip to Alaska was just the beginning of the adventure for, the fun part. I didn't know what to expect so far from home, we were fishing in a very remote area in Alaska. I wasn't on any kind of treatment yet but I knew that SALT was bad. My legs would swell up very bad if I ate anything with salt. This is just the beginning of living with Kidney problems. Thinking that this could have been the last time that I every saw this beautiful land again I was going to make the best of it. I had to learn to live without using SALT,even though we were eating out at restaurants at lot and living on the run as you will see in upcoming adventures.

I'm waiting to hear from the Hospital about my transplant this week.. its been three weeks since I took my physical and one day closer. I have learned so much this last year about Kidney disease and its effects on your job, home and family. Unlike cancer that has such a track record where so much money is pumped into its research Kidney research is lagging far behind.

I'm going to leave you with a few more pictures from Alaska my pre Kidney failure life. if you want to see life on the Kidney side visit a web site I talk on from time to time." I hate dialysis" message board.

Thank you all, I will be back after I have new a parts change and will start up with the next trip to Alaska.

That's my arm, are we having fun yet
That's my arm, are we having fun yet
Mike watching the door of the cabin,we need to sleep
Mike watching the door of the cabin,we need to sleep
1967 Nova first donation, what a neat ride
1967 Nova first donation, what a neat ride
1056 Chevrolet given to the lucky winners
1056 Chevrolet given to the lucky winners


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