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Life without plastic

Updated on October 18, 2019

We are so dependent on plastic that we can't live without it. It spans so much life. For the same reason. It has polluted the environment. That is why it has come to control. How to get into a plastic wrap and curse now? Before the magic of plastic ...

I'm not plastic

When I was in the mall, the cover of the book, which I wrote, was unbelievably grabbed and turned around. One of the attendants came in while he was stretching and shrinking. Don't waste it. The name of the canister was put into the bag. Everything was back in the box, as it was not secure. 'Nothing is right .. If you cant get it right, you can drag and destroy them. We have to bid on the manager. The attendant took off the cover, blushing. "Alas Rama ... I didn't go to the bottom of it, it was not a Motley spoil ..." she said. That moment made me feel like I was blaming myself for all the people out there. When I went there again, the cover of 'I Was Not Plastic' disappeared, and the khaki-colored paper packs disappeared. Paper packets full of sugar and flour were once cracked and stored at the cash counter, with the attendance of sugar syrups. History repeats, I have old memories ...

Those days of plastic ...

We packed up our bags and headed out to Shikaripur. There was not a single shop in the town where we were. The day before she left, Mom had prepared three bottles of peanut oil, coconut oil, and barley oil. If we take them all and put them in the store, they will fill it with oil and seal the lid. If the newspaper is torn, triangular, folded, wrapped and wrapped in a piece of rope that is conveniently attached to the bag, it is a great achievement if you come to the bus stand and get to the bus. Especially since our oil has been leaked, Cuddlepotna has bitten on this side. If we open the coffee shop and open up the whole bag with the same smell as the smell, we are trying to convince the mummy that we have reached home. I kept reading the pages of those newspapers all the time. I wanted to go to a shop at the bus stand to pack up newspapers, but Anna's mom was reluctant to leave our account shop. When I got down from the bus, once all the things were in the bag, the torrential downpour that poured without notice. Due to the lack of an umbrella, we sat at the bus stop for two hours. Anxiety about when paper packs will burst. The answer to all of this is that one day, the plastic came out. No need to carry an old Horlicks bottle of oil. When you go outside, you can bring everything you need ... pre-packed luggage ... another great plastic cover to put them all in. Even if it rains, there is no hassle. Had come.

Plastic lead

Plastic began to melt all over the place. The tics started to grow obscene. The amount of trash we throw is more than enough to scare our house. In the belly of cattle, in the dog's food, on the banks of the lake, on the side of the temple, in the ruins of the stadiums. As a boon and a curse.

With this ban ...

Now, this plastic ban .. When I first heard this word from my ear when I was working in the kitchen, I left it bitter. It was the first time I was standing in the middle of a plastic-looking at one another. Nets, Tupperware cans, children's meal cans, a bottle of fruit basket that is not supposed to be naughty. See p Tyaksavagi climber and seemingly. Recently, going to the sari shop and buying an expensive silk sari is a small rain. Holding a sack of sari, I was startled to find that the car had not been brought. I kindly begged you to give me a plastic bag in the shop. He refused to challenge his entire store, saying that there was no plastic bag and that he would give away another similar sari if found. We spent an hour and a half cursing the taxis when the rain hit them. The shopkeeper, while he was free, kept reminding me of the plastic marijuana, wherever he was, about the plastics, the stringent rule of the authorities, but it was not clear whether the rigors of his bailiffs were the worst of the plastics. If you have a good plastic bag, you will join.

In front of me weeping at home, the masters put a list of banned plastic items. The straw banned. The daughter just jumped in front of a water shop near the park. Plastic bags should be made, not get. Look at what's inside you, what's going on inside you. All the bananas have been done. Whenever a meal is not pack in a hotel, the banned list of banned. All of Ban's plastic material is just bad quality plastic that fills the trash bin and goes off the head. The old rusty buckets licked my face and disappeared from my eyes. Let us decide not to use bad plastic for fleeting profit or comfort. Let it not be a curse as a boon ...

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Sharath mnca


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