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Life Map – Know Where You Are Headed

Updated on April 22, 2015

Life Map – Know Where You Are Headed

Most of us go through life without a proper plan in place. We go about giving in to the whim of the moment, and then end up feeling like we are not getting anywhere. The million-dollar question is how will you reach your destination if you do not know where you are going? All of us know how important it is to have a road map to guide while in an unfamiliar place, so why do we so often avoid the idea of a road map for our lives?

Without a plan of action in place, it is easy to drift from location to location, job to job, relationship to relationship - the list goes on. A life map helps you stay clear, focused, sharp, motivated, and always moving forward. It is the key that can unlock a life full of unending possibilities.

Carefully examine each aspect of your life. Are you being the husband or wife you wish to be? Are you going where you want to go in your career? Are you fulfilling your dreams? Are you on the right path? If not, a plan will help you reorient yourself and put you on track. Keep in mind that a life map must balance every area of your life. Focusing on just one or few will disrupt the balance that you seek to achieve in life.

Here are some steps to follow while creating your life map.

Evaluate your current life

Consider the following areas of your life - Family, Career, Spiritual Life, Environment, Relationships, Volunteering and so on. List the accomplishments in each area and then mark them in the scale of one (least satisfied) to ten (most satisfied). This will immediately show you the aspects that require your attention.

Set a plan of action

Once you know where you stand, make short term, medium term and long-term goals for each area. It is important that you set realistic goals. Take baby steps. Small achievable steps taken every day will give you the confidence to move ahead successfully.

Stay motivated

It is not enough to just plan. The grandest idea will fail if you are not motivated enough to make it work. Ask yourself about what would help you to stay on track. Maybe a vision board that reminds you of your dreams every day or powerful affirmations or just being with people who support your goals – find out what keeps you pumped up. Do everything possible to keep the inspiration high. And when you achieve your milestones, be sure to reward yourself.

Arrange the Resources you need

Determine the skills, knowledge and help you would need to realize your vision. Keep these things ready. Many a times you give up when you realize you do not have the resources to go ahead.

A life map fills you with a sense of purpose, and infuses your life with value and meaning. Wherever you are in life right now, pause for a few moments and map out your life. Chart a course of action and move in the direction of your inner passions to lead a happy and fulfilling life.


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