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Lighting Up Through Spontaneous Human Combustion

Updated on November 15, 2008

Beware of putting out the fire with gasoline...

The internal combustible human. The complexity of the human condition. Outwardly, we are calm, cool and collected; Inside we are one match stick strike away from being consumed by the gasoline infused explosion that is dying to erupt in each one of us. What is it that causes us to want to self-sabotage our happiness? What is it about the human condition that we fear good things that are happening to us? Maybe it's just natural to always have the need to keep on striving for the "next thing" because if we accomplish our goals then we would have to create new goals.

We have the never ending need to light up like the "human torch" and launch across the sky like a 4th of July celebration. Come on we all live for it, even though no one would care to admit it. Think about how many times everything is going your way. You are over the moon and no one can stop're on a roll kid. Suddenly you discover that there is one person who can stop you...YOU...your own worst enemy. Some how we are able to throw a monkey wrench into the works. I believe some self-help gurus used to say,"what's a matter? Are you afraid of success?" Of course we all answer "no" and maybe we are not afraid of success. Maybe we are afraid of accomplishment of our goals or worse yet; we are worried about the impending doom of satisfaction.

The eternal fire of internal inspiration and the sugar-coated personal ka-boom! All the more reason why it's never enough, the grass is always greener, and the old it's never good enough. We, the human animal live a life like no other creature on this planet; We are never satisfied...especially when we say that we are the happiest that we have ever been.

So what is stopping you, besides you?

"Pardon Me" by Incubus


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