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Lingzhi Mushroom and How to Prepare

Updated on September 28, 2010

The Lingzhi Mushroom

The Lingzhi mushroom is fabled to hold the key to everlasting life, and there may be some truth in that!
The Lingzhi mushroom is fabled to hold the key to everlasting life, and there may be some truth in that!

Introduction to the Lingzhi Mushroom

The Lingzhi mushroom is one of the oldest forms of medicinally used mushrooms, and means 'herb of spiritual potency'.  In more recent times the Lingzhi mushroom has even become known as the mushroom of immortality, for the benefits it gives to the human body, with little in the way of side affects.

the Lingzhi mushroom can help the human body in a wide variety of short ways, which I will go over in  a few minutes, but one of it's most compelling factors in recent years is it's apparent ability to slow, and even reduce, certain kinds of cancer. I will not go too deep in to the anti-cancer Lingzhi mushroom properties, since it is still under deep study. However, it as been proven to cut down on the creation of new blood vessels leading to the cancerous cells.

The Health Benefits of The Lingzhi Mushroom

The Chinese discovered the power of the Lingzhi mushroom over 4000 years ago, only recently however has it come to the attention of the western world. But just to cover the basics, the Lingzhi Chinese remedy can help with lowering blood pressure, cholestrol, and blood sugar. On top of that, the Lingzhi mushroom seems to provide some very benefitial affects towards the human immune system. It also seems to be able to directly target certain types of virus, including the influenza virus.

These benefits may seem, to put it bluntly, amazing. In some ways they really are!

Lingzhi is a great chinese remedy for a wide range of illnesses, and it is also a great preventative medicine. There are also different types of Lingzhi which are reputed to hold benefits for different parts of the body.

  • Red Lingzhi - Heart
  • Purple Lingzhi - joints
  • Green Lingzhi - Liver
  • White Lingzhi - Lungs and Skin
  • Yellow Lingzhi - Spleen
  • Black Lingzhi - Kidneys and Brain

Of course these colorations come from environmental factors, but the Chinese have been using this herbal remedy for over 4000 years, so it is easy to assume that they have become quite knowledgeable of it's uses!

Preparation of Lingzhi

Lingzhi cannot be eaten raw, and you should prepare Lingzhi in a certain way to achieve the best results.

  1. Slice or pulverize your Lingzhi, fresh Lingzhi is the best, but it works just as well dried!
  2. Add your Lingzhi to a pot of boiling water and lower to a simmer, cover the pot.
  3. Leave for around two hours.
  4. Drink to suit!

The result should be a bitter drink, and may take a little getting used to!

You can also find Lingzhi capsules, Lingzhi powder and Lingzhi teabags pre-prepared online!


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    • Romano Arnesto profile image

      Romano Arnesto 6 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for sharing this hub on Lingzhi Mushrooms.

      I've been a dealer of one of it's producers, which is incorporated in coffee. People here in the Philippines clamor for it due to its cheap selling prices and heath benefits. Other companies followed and it is still the most-sought after product for this coffee-drinking nation.