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That Dream You Never Forget

Updated on February 1, 2012

Riddle Me This...

Did you ever have a dream where you remembered almost every little detail, and have come to always remember it no matter how many years go by? What were you doing? You knew that. Where were you? You knew that as well. You even knew what you were wearing. One has these dreams that seem unforgettable, and sometimes you can't help but question, "What does it mean?" I'm one of those people that reads into dreams, in one dream I was breastfeeding an infant and when I woke up I searched what it could mean. It came up with these results:

  • Femininity, nurturing
  • Motherhood or motherly love
  • Emotional support, nurturing, or responsibility for another person's needs
  • The idea of having a baby, or perhaps spending time mentally or emotionally nurturing young children

I read these and thought through my reasons as to which would be most understanding. But I didn't even have a name for the infant! There the infant was, lying trustfully in my arms as it (since I don't recall which gender) sucked on my teat. (Thought it was an appropriate way of saying that!) So when I awoke from this, I was honestly befuddled. I'm not even a wife yet, but I always have been wanting a child since growing up. But I believed it was me thinking of motherhood since I have to admit I may become a mommy in two years or so.

But now that we're back on topic, this was for a far more detailed dream that I had when much younger. It always seemed to stick out, and I never knew why. So now I'd like to share it with you, reader.

This was as close as I could find. Maybe one day if I get a scanner and sit down, I will try to sketch the exact image in my mind.
This was as close as I could find. Maybe one day if I get a scanner and sit down, I will try to sketch the exact image in my mind. | Source

In the beginning of my dream, I found myself in a wide open area that looked to be the Grand Canyon in some way, but all the rocks were flat on top. I was floating, and jumping from rock to rock. I had a white, spaghetti strap dress that stopped at my knees but got longer in the back, like the train of a wedding dress, and I had no shoes on. I was smiling and giggling, my mental state not even knowing why until I looked behind myself to see a boy not too far from me. He was chasing me, we must have been playing tag and he was it. He wore a white short sleeve button down shirt that was untucked, white dress pants, had no shoes like me and his hair was a soft brown. I looked back forward to see myself jumping in the air and floating down gracefully on rock after rock, till suddenly I noticed a house on one of the rocks.

The house was a baby blue, and made of wood. I made myself to the little house and walked inside, since there was no front door that I had to knock on. I looked inside to see wood flooring, a beautiful brown color and the walls were an off white color, beige. There were exactly four rooms, of the same size that made the house a whole, all the doorways having no doors. I then looked over to a window, it was open. Or I should say, there was no glass. The window had white curtains that allowed the sun shine in, and the wind was making the curtains dance gracefully and slowly. I made my way over to the window, in a child-like skip to hide behind the curtain. I now was playing hide and seek with the boy. Not too long after I hid behind the curtains, I looked to the other side of the curtains to see the boy standing there. I smiled as he found me and hurried off out of the house, going back to skipping on the rocks...

This was where I woke up. Back then, I never really thought much of what the meaning behind this dream. But now as I've grown up, I could never seem to get it out of my head. I never could understand how I seemed to remember every vivid thing about this dream. The only thing I can't remember? The boy's face...


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