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Little Things That Make Me Smile

Updated on September 28, 2010

Choose Your Quiet Place

If happiness were sold over the counter ,along with personal growth capsules ,with maybe some spiritual joy snack bars thrown in for good measure ,someone would no doubt be a millionaire !but its not....

How-ever its the Little Things that make us happy, and if pay attention those things are more available than you think.

My face loves to smile, sometimes I even smile when Im feeling sad. I dont know why face does that , but maybe its because it has learned to be patient and if I just smile the feelings will follow.

Yes,thats it tell your face to smile (alot) and eventually the emotions will follow.

When I was a young mother with two step sons , a teenager , toddler playing at my feet and nursing a 4 week old cranky baby I read those words ' choose your quiet place' and laughed til I almost cried...............yea right.!

So of course trying to imagine the unimagineable while juggling a busy workload is a laughable suggestion ,however the seed is planted and just as all good gardeners know the next best thing to do is simply ..........wait

Not Long Now....

Who Me...
Who Me...

Contentment Arrives

  • Little Things that Make Me Smile
  • People who keep their word.
  • The early bird who gets to sing his song first
  • sunrise
  • the smell of babies as they snuffle and latch on to feed
  • smell of fresh bread wafting through the house
  • clean fragrant bedsheets
  • happy smiling children playing
  • a man protecting his loved ones
  • loved ones ,brothers n sisters openly showing encouragement
  • hot soup on a cold cold day
  • iced water on a hot summers day
  • kind strangers who offer a smile or word
  • unexpected beauty like seeing a brand new butterfly land nearby
  • message from a friend or family
  • looking at photos down memory lane
  • spondaneous hugs
  • soft voices
  • good music
  • handmade gifts
  • fresh flavorful coffee
  • rivers and lakes to remind me im alive.

If youd prefer not too vote ,scroll down and listen to a great song!

Whats In It For You?

Does money buy Happiness?

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