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Live For the Simple Things

Updated on June 16, 2017

A Simple Introduction

I bet most of the adults who read this would agree, man sometimes I wish I could go back and be a get. As we grow and get older, it seems like life just passes us by. The adulthood life is normally filled with work, bills, responsibilities and a whole lot of stress at times. Sometimes we just want life to be back to being simple. Where all you really had to worry about is what toy you wanted to play with or what snack you were in the mood for. Trying to figure where the next daily adventure we would take or where the next exploration would take place. I say this a lot to my niece and nephew who seem to be growing up way to fast, I wish I could be a kid again. I also tell them not to rush getting older, it will happen faster than you would expect.

We I was younger, I felt like I had so much fun in life. My friends and I would play from morning to dark. We rode bikes. We played many sports. We went and goofed around in the neighborhood pool or go exploring in the woods. Get muddy from playing in the local ditches, which some people would call a creek. I loved my childhood. Kickball was one of my favorite sports to play. When I look at my niece and nephew, I can see that kids today are so much more advance with all the technology at their fingertips. But I still encourage them to play outside. Take adventures. Swim for hours. Enjoy the simple things.

Simple things can mean a lot for people. Especially those who are older and miss those types of activities. I miss when cleaning my room was my "big" responsibility. Times have definitely changed, but that does not mean that we can't enjoy the simple things. I was inspired to write this article today because after I have lost many of my possessions from a flood this past August, it has opened my eyes that you don't really need a lot of stuff in life to be happy. I have also started to revisit the many things that made me happy when I was a kid. So, I decided to past these simple things to my fellow readers and also make a list of things to do or eat that can bring back childhood days and make life a little nostalgic. I hope you enjoy this list of ideas and previous childhood enjoyments for me.

A List of Simple Things

So, as I list these items that came to me, they are in no particular order. I just want to share them with you so you can go back to the days that we enjoyed that were a bit much easier. Also in the list is some easy, yet gratifying tips on doing simple things that can make life more enjoyable.

Do something positive each day. I love the feeling of doing something positive for others. Bringing a smile to someone's face always makes me feel better on the inside.

Sing in the shower. Yes, do it. Many people when they step into their shower, they have now entered their own personal recording studio. It doesn't matter how good or bad you carry a tune, it is a great way to put those positive vibes going to lay the ground work for a great day.

Smile more. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. It's free to smile too. And a smile can really change someone else's day. It is a simple gesture that can make a huge impact. So smile more.

Hug more too. Along with a smile, a hug is a comforting gesture that can turn a bad day into a good day. When you hug someone, there's not better feeling in the world, especially when it is a genuine hug.

Eat your favorite snacks as when you were a kid. The other day I hate some string cheese for the first time in a while and introduced my niece and nephew on the way I use to eat it. They both really enjoy string cheese. Other snacks I will get from time to time is Fruit Roll-ups, Gushers, and some of my favorite childhood cereals as well.

Make a playlist of your guilty pleasures songs. I know when I have a bad day or if I am just in a funk, I like to turn to music to lift my spirits. I made guilty pleasure list of songs I normally wouldn't admit I enjoy. Compile a playlist together and rock out in the car. Or better yet, play it while in the shower. I bet your days will be awesome after that.

Bust out your old favorite movies you watched as a child. Nothing takes you back down memory lane like a film you enjoyed as a kid. One thing I love to do and get really excited for is introducing my niece and nephew to some of my favorite movies from when I was a child. I wrote a hub a few days ago about films from my childhood and after writing it, I wanted to watch those flicks again. Watching old television shows is a great to reconnect with your child side.

Star gaze. Although I never really did this as a kid, I find that star gazing is one of the most relaxing and simple ways you can enjoy an evening. When the weather is right, the simple pleasures one can get by sampling starring into the sky and lose yourself amongst the stars.

Paint and draw. I for one, have very limited artistic ability. But I find painting and drawing with my niece to be very simple, yet relaxing. My niece loves to get creative and has inspired me to get back to my limited artist side. Sometimes I surprise myself with how decent my paintings come out.

Play outside. Play sports or games outside. Introduce the young ones to the games you enjoyed as a child. Put down the tablets and get outside and get some of that fresh air into your lungs.

Go camping. Nothing like a good ole weekend camping trip in the woods. Set up the tents, build the fire and cook a meal the simple way. Go on hiking adventures. Swim in the lakes or rivers. Become one with nature again.

Eat more ice cream. I think we can all agree ice cream is good for the soul. But don't just eat ice cream plain. Load up your favorite toppings. Add the whipped cream, the sprinkles, chocolate syrup and more. Make a mess.

Another Tip, Not So Simple

I have learned after the flood that you do not need material possessions to be happy. Sure a nice big television with the most advanced sound system doesn't hurt, but when you learn to live life without it, you realize you didn't need it as much as you thought. I started to spend money on experiences rather than material items and have created memories that you could never put a price tag on. After all, childhood memories are the best ones, so why not try to create more as an adult.

A Simple Conclusion

I am not saying adulthood is a tragedy. But I do agree that it was a whole lot easier to be a kid. And I miss those days from time to time. It seems like the older I get, the more childhood always looks better. I will have to admit, reintroducing these things I have talked about earlier, do bring a little more sunshine into my life. And having little ones in the family, make it that much better to share. I hope that you indulge in some of these simple things. I hope you will find some enjoyment in a few of these items I listed. Thank you for coming on by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


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