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Live Your Life Now

Updated on May 23, 2020
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I am a firm believer in life long learning, it is my goal to improve my life based on the lessons learned the previous day.

Be Free

Do you get the feeling, sometimes, that life is just passing you? Does your life feel strange and boring? Did you ever spend any thought on who you are and what you want from life?

Or are you one of those who live every day and want a different life? Do you lack the courage, or do you believe that the circumstances are to blame, that you don’t live your best life?

Are You Wasting Your Life?

Do you believe that there is much more out there than the status quo?
Is there a significant amount of thirst for adventure and a desire to break out of the system?

Being trapped in a hamster wheel doesn’t satisfy you. Because you know that you are not here to only to work, pay bills, and eventually get a pension.

You know very well that much more is possible. Otherwise, there would be no desire for more. You would be happy with your life and would accept the circumstances as they are.

But it feels limited, and you are right.

We are not here to work, pay bills and hang in front of the TV.

being alive is a daily decision

Or even a moment to moment decision.

Most people don’t live. They only exist and dying inwardly. That’s too bad because we only have this one life, and this very life is always postponed to later.

The price for the seemingly safe life is damn high. I understand because I was there too. I felt so alien that it even led to depression and panic attacks.

All my life, I dreamed of freedom. Because I always had the feeling that there is much more than working and surviving. I wanted to do it all.

Nevertheless, I found myself in the hamster wheel. Even if only for a short time. That time was so overwhelming for me that I got sick and didn’t enjoy life anymore.

It just didn’t make sense at all

How can our existence be limited to working from 9 to 5, paying bills, consuming, paying off debt, and retiring at some point?

That sounds like a prison rather than a life, it’s simply not possible that this should be everything there is.

Life Takes Place Here And Now

I decided to take a different path. I made the decision several years ago.

Today I am 52, and I am very grateful for my uncompromising attitude. A middle ground was never an option for me. There just had to be more. After all, people live differently. It was my opportunity.

I set out on my journey of discovery. It took me to South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and inside of me. I learned from different people and cultures and integrated all into my life. My horizon expanded. The old life suddenly felt even closer and was no longer an option for me.

We all have two lives, the second life begins when we realize that we only have one life. Over the years, my perspective changed, and I learned to value the importance of a healthy mindset, we all create our reality every day.

I learned from other people, attended workshops and seminars, did trainings and was always open to new inputs. And that’s precisely what got me on.

Some things make self-determined, free, happy and successful people different.

All drama and fear can be found either in the past or in the future. Either we complain about what happened in the past or worry about what might happen in the future. But life takes place in the here and now.

Life is not a journey that takes us somewhere, over and over again. Graduation, career, wedding, pension or maybe even heaven after death, it’s not about enjoying the last seconds of the song. It’s about living in this very moment. Do you do that?

Life is a dance, we have to dance while the music is playing

We Don’t Have Forever

For some people, I feel that they believe they have time forever. So they put their lives on hold, everything is in limbo.

When the time is there, then …
When the money is there, then …
When all the problems have vanished, then …

Everything is going to be later, waiting for the perfect moment; life is a problem. There is always something to do or fix instead of seeing it as something beautiful.

Take chances and don’t wait for later. There is always something that doesn’t fit; hence the term, that’s life.

Life is a gift, and we can make it what we want. However, we don’t have forever.

Responsibility, Instead Of Whining

The policy is to blame. Of course the boss, the family, maybe the job or the neighbours. It’s lamenting on a very high level, and all guilt sought on the outside. You certainly know those people too.

Some people can’t be disturbed and find no reason to groan. They know that they can master their circumstances and that their lives are in their hands. They take personal responsibility because they know that life is what they make it.

Let Go Of Which No Longer Serves You

Letting go is not easy. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest tasks in life. However, holding on can be even more painful in the long run, leading your life in the wrong direction.

It is not easy to let go of people, quit the job, move to another city or say goodbye to old internal patterns.

But sometimes you have to make space for something new.

When you cling to things that are not good for you, it just paralyses you and stops you from evolving and using your potential. As soon as you let go, new doors will open for you. A whole new life could start for you.

Life is change, We change, and life does too. Or let’s say — life makes us change. That means that throughout life, we have to say goodbye to people and places as well as thoughts and desires. Flexibility and letting go of the alpha and omega. It frees.

What Do Others Think Of Me?

Far too often, we compare our lives to others’ lives because we believe that we have to fit into a particular scheme. Often we are then convinced that the needs of others also reflect ours.

You have to drop the expectations and let your path be what it should be. Accept yourself as you are and celebrate your uniqueness.

We all hate to disappoint people. That’s why we often make decisions that make others happy, but not ourselves. But if you do that, you only harm everyone involved. Learn to say no and set personal boundaries.

I believe that if you are happy with yourself and your path, you will be able to inspire others and show them a better way.

True freedom comes when you don’t care what others think about you.

Discipline And A Healthy Routine

Everyone has bad days. However, there are enough opportunities today to have a little more influence on our well-being. If you, for example, start the day stressed, then the day will most likely continue like that.

Years ago, I acquired a healthy routine that I will write about some other time. I neglect this routine; I’m wasn’t good at it back then. It has shown me that a certain amount of practice coupled with discipline can work wonders.

For everyone, that routine can look different. One person may achieve the best result with 30 minutes of sports in the morning. The other meditates or does yoga. There are tons of possibilities, and only by trying will you find out what suits you and what doesn’t.

Stop Waiting

It’s time for you to get control of your life.

Responsibility brings so much power. You have control over your life. You can make daily decisions that can change your life very quickly.

No one else will do that for you, and no one will come and give you what you need. You have to go and get it yourself.

You have to realise that your life depends on you. From your decisions, your thoughts and your actions. You, as the author, can revise your story at any time. It is your life.

Freedom starts with you,

  • Do you want more?
  • Do you want to leave the daily grind?
  • Travel the world, maybe even emigrate?
  • Do you want to finally fulfil a crazy dream?
  • Or have more time for the things that meet you?
  • It is time to live!

It’s possible. I experienced how quickly life can change.

Nothing is as it was. I live where I want to live. I work on the things I want to work on. I get up when I want to get up. I am who I want to be.

And that’s what I wish for you today.

Here's A Simple, Proven Way To Live In The Moment

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Danyel


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