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Live better by improving your flexibility

Updated on September 27, 2013

Why become flexible

Having flexibility is very important; to be flexible is having optimal range of motion to fit your lifestyle. As you get older the range of motion in the joints may become minimal (making for even the smallest task such as, grabbing something off the top shelf very difficult). Improving your flexibility will balance out your muscles, which will make things a whole lot easier for you. This can prevent you from putting extra work on one side your body causing discomfort or even a strain. To become more flexible you have to get into the habit of stretching every day and with time you will become more limber and you will begin to feel a whole lot better.


Stretching will help you prevent injury and muscle soreness. There is more to stretching then waking up with a big yawn and then a little stretch. Here some other things that stretching will do for you:

· Increase range of motion in the joints

· Enhance muscular coordination

· Increase the circulation of blood to various parts to the body, which will increase energy levels

· Helps alleviate lower back pain

· Better posture

· Improve cardiovascular fitness

· Increase endurance

· Increase strength

· Help relieve stress

· Increase length of relaxed muscles

Stretching will allow you to use less energy in any activity. There is a wrong way to stretch that can cause injury so careful. Don’t bounce during a stretch, this could cause micro tears in your muscle fibers. Always warm up when doing serious stretching to prevent injury. Don’t overdo it, this could cause a sprain. If you don’t know what you’re doing then it’s best to get a supervisor to lend advice or assistance.


If you’re really serious about becoming more flexible, try doing some yoga classes. Yoga consist of plenty of poses that will improve your flexibility as well as strength. Not only does yoga stretches out the muscles, but it also the joints.


The proper diet will allow you to perform certain stretches unimpeded by your body mass. This means to go easy on the junk food and make sure you have a daily serving of proteins, fruit, veggies, grains, and calcium. Also drink plenty of water along with your healthy diet.

Becoming flexible will not happen overnight; you’re going commit to stretching everyday as long with a proper diet. In time you will reap the benefits of flexibility, which is:

· Feel great

· Boost metabolism

· Decrease risk of injury

· Better sleep

Your life will be a whole lot easier and you won’t limit yourself to what you can do in the future.


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