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A talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar About Life

Updated on April 4, 2015

Experience infinity with Love

According to Sri Sri it is possible through love. In love one keeps on repeating same things again and again. When we think of love you are inlove. Person in love really don't need any subject to talk, they discuss silly things.

If you are falling in love with someone actually you start loving yourself. It is very tough to realize this. We think we are in love with someone & we name them as someone. Love is formless. It is infinite energy.



This is very interesting that Whomsoever you love, you surrender to them. Word surrender is generally considered as action taken after being defeated by someone but in actual it is not submission. Only the brave, the knowledgeable and the wise can surrender.

The definition of surrender is little deeper that surrender is realizing everything belongs to the divine or to the God. We think everything happens on its own. Whatever actions we do it happens on its own. Nature is taking care of whatever is happening. This is what we believe in. We are relax because of this realization that everything is taken care by some energy or force or The God. This is surrender.

Our love towards all this creation makes us believe in these things. We feel we are the part of this creation. We surrender to the nature for taking care.

Books From Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Obstacles in way

There comes some hindrances like lust and attachments in love. We feel emotions through sex. One enjoys the sex but it never leads one to anywhere at the end it brings inertia more indulgence and love decreases it goes down.

It becomes difficult for one to win over lust. Whenever desire arises in you, if you are aware then you worship it, recognize it and offer that desire to divine.

Some people try to behave in different ways. They are very nice outside but inside something else goes on. It is not about how other people see you it is all about how do you feel inside. Sometimes be rough outside if needed but be soft and gentle inside. Avoid to hate anyone or getting angry at people.


Signs of Prosperity

Have a belief that you are always loved by someone. If you feel like nobody loves you know for sure you are loved. Earth loves you, Nature loves you all this creation loves you. Once you realize this your life is real celebration. Looking at life from bigger dimension makes your life beautiful.

Sri Sri speaks about the sign of prosperity. In general we think the person who has freedom to go wherever he wants to go, whenever he wants, is a prosperous person.
But if we look at businessmen, or millionaires, they have lot of money, lot of freedom to go anywhere, but are they really prospered? They are worried about their shares in market, businesses. They are free outside but their minds are filled up thoughts & worries. Now do you think he is prosperous?

Wake up and see You are rich! IF you smile often, you are rich. Someone with lot of money cannot smile. check how many friends do you have and how many friends rich people have.

Sri Sri says he is not supporting poverty but he is saying come out the poor mind sets & poor thoughts that we have. It is important to have your minds rich.

Poor or rich should not be decided on basis of money but richness of thoughts, and minds. Prosperity should be measured on willingness to share what you have with all around you. The sign of prosperity is the trust and confidence that you’ll get what you need tomorrow.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Being Content is the Key

Live your life to the best. If you are useful to people, there will be many people to help you when you are need. There are many examples like Mother Teresa, Vinoba Bhave for whom there were hundreds of people to care of them. Serve everyone without any expectation and miracles will happen to you too. Give your devotion a chance to work.

Contentment is another sign of prosperity. He gives examples of people from his family who served selflessly and all of them have great faith that what ever they do the others they will get it. They all were always happy and ready to serve. All felt this world as One family.

This is the secret of happy life. Serve without expectation. God or nature loves us without any conditions, you are Rich and prospering if your smile never goes away.

These are all my understandings from talk given by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Spiritual leader. In actual it has very higher and deeper meanings to what he said.

A Talk by Sri Sri On Love


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