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Living Everyday Life Entirely By The Emotions And Feelings

Updated on June 15, 2016

Comes From The Heart

Horriable Emotional Based Decisions

A Common Problem In America Today

In emotional decision making, the whole range of making decisions is entirely based upon emotions and feelings. A total emotional decision is commonly made very fast, subconscious, and it's main driving force is emotions. Typically a persons emotions and feelings will always overide rational thinking. A person must always use logic to be capable of making healthy decisions. Another common use of emotions in decision making is to start out thinking with rational logic and then use the emotions in the final choice. Every decision a person makes has pros and cons that must always be taken into consideration. In logical decision making we use logic, rational methods, and even math skills at times. The value of each option is always decided by accessing the criteria and weighing out all options. One must never replace logical decision making with emotional decision making. The subconscious mind and living with illusions from the heart can cause people devastating pain. Most people walk around wearing there hearts on the outside of there sleeves and there inner emotions are displayed on there outer bodies for the entire world to clearly view. Mental processing is generally clouded by emotional states and when a person has high emotional interest about something there ability to make rational decisions tends to fail. One must always remain level-headed to be less likely to make unlogical decisions. Temporary insanity is a common plea as extreme emotions literally make some individuals unable to make any acceptable decisions. A person living life under the control of there own personal emotions can generally experiance unhealthy emotional energies, careless behaviors, strong feelings of discontentment, high levels of stress, heightened physiological activity, feeling overwhelmed, low self-esteem, behaving irractically, fits of rage, a state of exhaustion, overpowering emotional intensities, depression, severe physical sensations, extreme mood swings, acts of senseless violence, wrist-cutting, homicide, suicide, and possibly even death. People who make decisions based solely on there emotions often act in a unthinking manner. These types of behaviors can be highly dangerous for both ourselves and even to others.

Human Arousal Becomes Triggered

Fight Or Flight State Of Mind

A manipuative person enjoys using emotions against others to arouse and motivate people. Typically arousal starts in the human brain. Sex, drugs, and rock music are common examples that embodies human arousal. Generally a threat to a human being causes arousal because the fight or flight reaction is sucessfully triggered. Normally human arousal occurs through triggers that always appear through atleast one of the senses. A persons sense of touch is triggered by a punch to the face, the sense of vision is triggered by viewing something utterly shocking, the hearing sense is triggered by a sudden loud noise, a horrible odor triggers the sense of smell, attempting to eat a raw ribeye steak will trigger the sense of taste. Whenever peoples arousal becomes triggered, they naturally notice the cortical functioning is greatly reduced, experience difficulties with conscious control, strong feelings of agitation, and readiness to take action. Commonly today there are many homicides that are committed when a person goes into a fight or flight state of mind. A cognitive appraisal theory of the emotions is always healthy to implement. A person must take a minute to stop to think about what has just happened. They must interpret the occasion as either a good or bad situation for themselves. Determine, decide, and think logically about what the cause was for the particular event.

Sins That Are Emotions And Feelings

Channeled Through The Hearts Desire

All seven of the deadly sins are perpetrated by people who completely make decisions based upon there personal feelings and emotions. Pride is a common sinful emotion for proud people who are repetively boasting about there own abilities and shouting loudly about there splendid income from there rooftops. The word pride is defined as an exessive belief in ones own abilities. Another sinful emotion is to envy and passinately covet for your neighbors milliion dollar a year income. Envy is defined as a lusting for what other people have, it could be status, possessions, or even abilities. A very common and sinful emotion present today in America is the gluttony. One must consider the proper amounts of food to consume prior to visiting the next buffet style restaurant. No human body requires six to twelve heaping plates of food in one setting and typically others frown on cleaning up a gravy trail from the buffet line to your table. Generally in America today there are many people who consistantly lust after others for sex, power, and money. The deadly emotional sin of lust is running rampant all across the land. Anger is a common deadly sin that is very relevant in the modern world and can be witnessed along every avenue in life. A greedy scam artist, ponzi scheme, or scoundrels after the money are good examples of the deadly emotional sin of greed. The emotional sin of sloth can ruin a family financially and could even be deadly. Sloth is defined as a pure laziness and a severe avoidance. All of the seven deadly sins are solely based upon peoples own heart desires, that are channeled through our feelings, and emotions.

Deceit From The Heart

Dangers Of Self-Will And Pride

Whenever the devil has completed the mission of transfusing the self-will and pride into all of the parents of mankind. A new offspring of sinful species is born that produces the spirit of independence, ungodlinesss, uncharitable behaviors, unrighteous attitudes, great love for worldly materials, great admiration for the pride of life, loving the creature above the creator, extreme idolatry, glorifying in the man-made items of the world, strong desires of the wicked heart, a gratifying, and lustful desire for the human flesh. The inexhaustible flood of evils upon the earth soon rushes in amongst all people. The world soon becomes a field of blood, every human being is cruel, severley heartless, revenging others, ambitions to perform injustices, strong hatred, extreme envy, malice, every form of falsehood, blood-thirstiness, a complete wrongful species of public, and private wrongs. Eventually shooting out into crimes of every kind that sucessfully engulfs the entire world with all manner of abominations. In the midst of things, rampant murder rates, profuse adultry, constant rape, consistant incidents of robbery, extreme violence, high levels of burglary, inhuman torture, and severe forms of cruelty that nobody on the face of the earth can possibly begin to imagine. To infuse oneself into the many heart desires of there parents, could be a highly dangerous choice, it often carries severe, and even deadly consequences. An individual who profusley decides to trust there own emotional choices, from the heart, and without logical thinking are commonly referred to as fools in modern times. The person who trust there own deceitful heart is often witnessed behaving in a wrongful manner, frequent feelings of angry tempers, many lustful temptations, and tend to have a proneness to anger. All individuals living today, have hearts that are evil in some form, or the other. The human heart will continue to be evil and always be evil until the end of days. Mankind must not continue to decieve themselves with man-made lies about there condition. For the heart of all human beings is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who on planet earth can ever possiably understand it?

A Short Video Clip On Living With Unhealthy Emotions And Feelings

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