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Living Life With Bipolar

Updated on August 15, 2014

Bipolar disorder is classified as a life time illness. This illness comes in episodes condition with of depression, mood swings, happiness at times, loneliness, lying and a fragility of anger. Bipolar can and will effect the minds of people, if it's not treated or control. There are no known cure for Bipolar but it can be controlled.

There several types of bipolar disorder.Bipolar 1 disorder involves severe moods swing.-Bipolar-1l disorder-mild form of mood elevation with severe depression .Cyclotron describes periods of hypo mania with briefs periods of depression. Mixed bipolar are periods that simultaneously involve the full symptoms of both. Rapid bipolar is characterized four or more mood episodes that occur in 12 month- period. Sometimes a severe depression can lead to suicide attempts and uncontrollably anger and rage.

Daniel has lived 15 years of his young life in denial, not wanting to believe that he was diagnosis with Bipolar. At an early age Daniel behavior change from a nice young child into a child of uncertainty. He lied stole and involves himself with other young kids who had nothing better to do than hang on street corner. in his mind nothing was wrong with him, deep down he know but refused to except the truth.

There was times he was happy in a split second so many conflicting thoughts, travel in and out of his mind, his face express change there was times he cried, yelled and screamed at his family and friends saying things that were hurtful and painful. Hours later he acted as if nothing had happen, most of his family chose to stay about from him.

Daniel spend most of his childhood in and out of hospitals and mental facilities.Most of the medication made he sleep all day , leaving his body in a non-responsive state.Daniel played on the emotions of others with a behavior that made others live in fear.

Bipolar disorder is a illness that thousands of American are dealing with and can live a meaningful life , with the proper care.

Daniel is 25 years old it took 10 year for him to say" I have Bipolar and need help".


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 3 years ago from Boston MA

      Most of us live our living out of the norm, it's hard excepting things about our selves.jada67