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Living Your Own Dream

Updated on January 10, 2018

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Celestial Dreamer
Celestial Dreamer | Source

I'm a dreamer

I'm a dreamer. No, not that kinda dreamer.. Not the dreamer who daydreams or fantasizes about what he or she may or may not ever have. I'm a dreamer in the true sense. I live my life in my own simple world, a dream world, a world where everything I see, believe, understand, hear or feel is created simply in my mind. Of course it's based mostly on past experience and learned behaviors which began in childhood and progressed (changed and even regressed) as I aged.

The whole population is living one big dream

We, us, the whole population of the world, are this kind of dreamer. Life, to us, is as we learned it should be. We grew to believe that what we believe is the absolute truth. The only answer to the question, even. And although there might be 100 different answers that one might give to any one question, we may only believe in one of them. That is the dream. That is the way we see the world. Here's an example: during WWII, how could SO many German citizens turn on their fellow neighbors, the Jews, acting as if these people were the lowest form of rodent that ever crawled out from the sewers. How did such hatred take hold and develop into a genocidal war? Here's one word: Dreams. This is an extreme example of a shared dream amongst a country.

There's no 'good', no 'bad', no 'love' nor 'hate

Now another person in another country, not subjected to the lies, rumors, hatred and plain evil that was developing elsewhere, would not have or maybe would not even allow such a dream to develop in their minds. On the reality side of things, the world 'Just Is'. There's no 'good', no 'bad', no 'love' nor 'hate'. Things really 'Just Are'. It's humans, people, who decide to make things bad and good. The man across the street just littered. We might say he's bad because of it. Or we might not even have an opinion. Or we might've grown up seeing this behavior on a daily basis. Then this behavior (littering) would be a part of normal life and mean absolutely nothing to us. Dreams. Living in a dream. Life is the dream. Humans are the creators of their own dreams. Want to change something about your world? Change the way you see the world. Reject old ideas, habits, beliefs. Just because your mother was a Jehovah Witness all your life doesn't mean she's right. Although the dream you've been having all your life might tell you otherwise..

© 2018 Christopher Lee


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