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Living the Dog's Life - Aftermath of a Broken Leg

Updated on April 10, 2014

Eat, Sleep, Poop

So you know what dogs do. Eat, sleep, poop. And that about sums it up.

Amy (daughter) went home to her family in Syracuse a couple weeks ago, after taking wonderful care of me. Now I'm able to walk on both legs I can go up and down the stairs in the condo, though I'm still stumping around on the walker. I'm a bit leery of using the cane downstairs on the tile; after all, that's where I fell! So I keep my cane practice upstairs where it's fully carpeted.

The dog's care is of course one of my daily tasks, and using the walker I sometimes feel like an Iditarod racer -- Daisy thinks the wheels mean we go really fast! But we've managed to take the daily walks, pick up her waste, and at the same time have enough energy to fix meals. A very safe life but fairly boring.

White City Park

Yesterday I managed to get us (Daisy and myself) plus walker into the car for a little jaunt to her favorite park about 10 miles distant. It's White City park, with a branch of the St. Lucie River running through it, complete with alligators, fishermen, several varieties of wading birds and in the right season, gorgeous water lilies in the ponds. (As an historical aside, White City was named for the Chicago World's Fair in 1935; the main road is Midway.)

Afterwards, we stopped by Nelsons, the local fresh produce market (est.1945) and bought lots of fruits and veggies. Next, to Winn Dixie for meat and dairy products. Then home.

Unloading was another adventure. I must have had 50 pounds of groceries to bring in, which I did by dint of loading a large cloth bag a little at a time. Next time I won't get two whole bags of apples! But they were Fujis, my favorite, for only $1.29 a pound -- who could resist?

A slight problem with the unloading was that the tar guys were there to fill holes in the parking lot -- and wouldn't you know it? the mowing crew was there as well. All parked across from my condo, which meant I parked catty wampus in the street to unload. But got it done then moved the car to its own parking spot.

Not the Ideal Way to Lose Weight

I can't say this is fun. There are definitely easier weight-loss programs! I have lost a little weight; however my scale somehow reconfigured itself when I was bumping it up the stairs to weigh only in kilograms so last time I looked I weighed 76 kg. Sounds good to me. Thank goodness I'm doing as well as I am. My next doc appointment is May 9th and I hope to be walking with the cane by then.

Books and Reading - My Favorite Pastime

I'm able to drive to the library three miles away. I park in the handicap access out front, and one of the librarians comes out to help unload my bag of books. I've read a lot, watched more t.v. than I've ever watched before, and continue to thank my dear friends who help me out.

Til this "learning and growing experience" is over, Daisy and I are living the dog's life: eat, sleep, poop! and glad we can do it. I vow I'm getting back into my writing, as I believe it'll be a long while before I can line dance again. I still haven't published my grandad's story, CrackerBoy, and have another novel, All Aboard for Murder, that's ready, too. I'll look into e-publishing for both.

White City Park entrance
White City Park entrance
Beware of Alligator
Beware of Alligator
Mossy oaks line the drive
Mossy oaks line the drive
Fishing is a favorite pasttime
Fishing is a favorite pasttime
Bottlebrush tree in bloom
Bottlebrush tree in bloom


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Sounds like you're definitely on the mend. Write a little, walk a little!


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