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Living with no regrets.

Updated on May 3, 2015

Life is about lessons so we can move forward.

Moving forward in life.

There are lessons in life we each experience and they are all different.

I do not regret anything that has happened in my life because I think if things were any different in my decision making and choices I made my life would not be the same today.

I go through struggles like everyone else but working through things is what matters.

I would never go back and change anything in my past, not even for a million dollars.

Actually my present which does really co-exist with my future is really bright.

When I decided on one dream a long time ago, it just evolved into this other dream.

I am happy with the decision that I decided to stick with it because it is turning into a career that I am enjoying.

I realize in life you have to have some stability to live to pay rent and such.

But if you have a dream job where you get paid, then as they say you never work a day in your life.

Well, you do but you do not dread going to your work and enjoy it even more so everyday.

What also is true, wisdom you do gain with age.

As I am getting older, even though it may take me a little while to get things, when I get things I am thinking so this is how it goes? Well I get it.

Sometimes we have to go with the flow and I think that sometimes there might be a few things that are not in our hands but what we do to get around the things that we sometimes do not have control over.

We make choices and sometimes they may not be the best choices and then after that we just move on.

Sometimes we just have to learn and people say we make mistakes.

I think they are just learning experiences in life that push us forward to be the person we are of today.

Nothing in the past can be changed and once again I know I am repeating myself, but I do not want to change anything because if I did I know I would not have the present time line as I do right now.

I do not want to change my time line, I like how it is.

I will not always know the choices I will make in life, whether they are good or whatever they maybe but I do know that everything that I have chosen, my choices have ended up making my life much better.

If we trip up a long the way, when we fall, we just need to get back up.

Sometimes it is so hard to get back up when we land flat on our face.

I think when we go through in life, at the time when there are hard times we may not think there is anyway to get back up.

Usually what I do, when I become "overwhelmed" I just need to "decompress" or in other words "chill out". Thus I do watch some films and enjoy watching many different types, even the cheesy films or cartoons I can decompress with.

Of course there has been many days, where it was not just one day that was a struggle that I had to go through, sometimes it seemed like months that never seemed to end.

Yet I did get through them.

All any of us can do is to go forward and move on the best we can.

Sometimes it takes me a little while to figure out how to move on in the first place.

Once again, I think we just have to "regroup" ourselves and start thinking of ways to overcome anything that we must overcome.

I know in life, I so wanted to kick myself in my own behind because of things I thought was good at the time and realized looking back, it really was not but glad that was in the past and not what is happening right now.

I basically do have a good life because the choices that I decide to keep making that is ensuring a better life because I learn to make better decisions for myself because of past crazy decisions that I made in the past.

Of course i say "what was I thinking" but it is better to keep moving forward and laugh at myself because my past is in the past and think I really need to focus on the present more so.

Of course with society I think we are just so programmed to be a certain way instead of being more of a "free" thinker and we are not suppose to stand out from the crowd and just blend in.

But blending in and be a society zombie drone is consuming energy that is really suppose to be geared to what we really should be doing in our lives.

It is instilled in our birth that we are suppose to be told what to do and do it because that is what most of society does.

Well, if you have a dream job, like for myself I am looking forward to launching a radio show in which it will be part of a bigger network where I will get paid for doing it.

Of course this is not a "conventional" job and I think people in my past would say that it is not a job that I should do and I should do a job that makes me miserable because it pays the bills.

So I learned also that I need to not be around people who are programmed to believe that you have to do a job that makes you miserable to pay the bills just because they do a job that makes them miserable to pay the bills.

Sorry I can not be around miserable people just because they are stuck and programmed with society's way of thinking.

So I just believe those were mistakes and lessons learned from my past because I am happy at doing my radio show and look forward to getting paid for what I love doing.

Even in learning that we make mistakes by choosing even being around people who are not supportive of a way of life that makes us happy because people are indeed programmed that it is better to have stability in a job we hate to pay bills instead of having a job we love that pays bills, so that is something I learned from a long time ago.

Indeed learning from the past ensures a future that is happy by making sure we are happy with our present decisions because of the past learning experiences that we hard to go through that was so horrid and knowing our present is so much better now.


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