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Living your dreams, even When it Seems Impossible

Updated on June 25, 2015


Crystal's View:

Never give up on your dreams, but realize that these dreams can change over time and still be as equally great!

I was in high school, had a 3.8 GPA and amazing friends. I was living it up as much as you can in high school while ensuring my future was headed in the right direction. Then everything changed when I met Mr. Right in Language Arts, freshman year (which I highly debated not taking, so weird how things work out sometimes). We started dating and things got serious between us really fast.

I was 16 years old and he was 15 when we became pregnant with our son. I was a Sophomore in high school and unsure of how I was going to be able to handle a baby at 16 YEARS OLD! We were scared and our parents were infuriated with us. I moved in with Mr. Right and his parents during the summer at the end of Sophomore year. I had a lot of decisions to make during this summer. Was I going to go to school being 6 months pregnant or what was I going to do with my life now that this happened. I began reading online about young mothers and the statistics were staggering. So many young mothers never finished high school. I decided I wasn't going to be another statistic and spoke to my counselor for the first time. We made a plan that I would take my first semester of Junior year online in order to keep my credits and GPA up. This way when my son was born I didn't have to go to school until the January of the next year. I got through all the classes in the summer before the Junior semester even started so that I could solely focus on myself and son during my last trimester.

We had our beautiful baby boy and Mr. Right and I both attended high school together Junior year that Spring. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA and was able to enjoy Senior year without taking many classes since I had actually gotten myself ahead with the online classes!

Change is the only Constant!


Changing My Dream

I had originally wanted to pursue Architecture or be in the Air Force. I wasn't dead set on a career though. My main goal was to own a Dodge Viper when I was done with college. Ha ha I know, such a childhood dream (I have to admit I still want that car though). Anyway, when I had met my counselor he had told me that with my grades and love for math and science I should apply to The Colorado School of Mines. I had never even heard about the college before and looked into it. I applied and got into a summer program. From then on I was able to attend Mines and start my college career in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. ***Update: I graduated from Mines in May 2015 with my BS in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, now on to my next goals!***

My dreams changed into wanting an amazing life for my fiancé and son! With a degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering we don't have to live paycheck to paycheck and I can hopefully, one day still get my viper! For now though, I can see in my child's eyes that I am a role model for him and that he is proud that I am his mama! That right there, is my ultimate dream and I am living it and it feels good!

Never give up on your dreams :) because they are what will make you happy! Whether or not they were a part of the original plan!

Tips to Follow to reach your Dreams

Crystal's view:

The journey to making your dreams come true won't be easy. Part of the reward when you reach your dream is the fact that you were able to make it through the madness and overcome the struggles that were placed in your path. Here are some things to keep you moving forward!

Tip #1: Stay motivated!

If this dream of yours is something truly special in your heart, you will never let it die. You must keep yourself motivated even when things get rough. Have a picture you can look at that reminds you of what you want to accomplish.

Tip #2: Support!

It can make all the difference to surround yourself with family or friends that support your dream. These people will be there for you when things get tough. They will also encourage you to constantly push yourself forward!


Tip #3: Goals!

Know your end game. If you set smaller goals in the beginning and check them off as you reach them you will physically see all that you have accomplished thus far, every time. This only helps you stay motivated and determined to finish what you started!

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!


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    • prashantchalia profile image

      prashantchalia 4 years ago from india

      Cool one cryatals, really great, you know when you are in office, little sad and reading a post like this ....than how it feels, it feels really motivated. ....i'll be glad if you look my work and comment

    • DemiT profile image

      DemiT 4 years ago from Greece

      A wonderful story by a very strong-minded person and a caring mother. Your son 'chose' to have the best mother and the role model to grow into a person with plenty of dreams to pursue!! Excellent hub!

      Keep it up :)

    • Crystals-view profile image

      Crystal Lobato 4 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Thank you prospectboy! Glad you liked it.

      LongTimeMother thank you for the kind words and sharing! :)

    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 4 years ago from Australia

      I'm not surprised your son is proud of you. I'm proud of you!

      Keep writing more hubs when you have time in your busy life, crystals-view. You are a very good writer and you're going to have a lot of good advice to offer others. This is just the beginning of your great adventure. How exciting.

      I'm sharing this hub. You deserve more followers! :)

    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 4 years ago from Texas

      Nice tips you've provided here. Things definitely look bleak for us at certain points in our lives, but like you said a dream never dies inside if it's something we really want. I commend you for being a teenage mother, and continuing to pursue your goals. Great job! Voted up, rated useful.