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Look for the Good It is Covid Time

Updated on July 28, 2020
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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Take Time

Write and send a letter.
Write and send a letter. | Source

Bright Numbers

Just back off a bit and turn on your news to see the bad news and statistics. You do not need Eric to tell you about it. Covid time stinks for so many. Covid time kills people. Covid time probably contributes to rioting. Covid time is killing our economy. Covid time has taken loved ones early. Yes I have mourned and wept because of Covid time.

Is that enough of a downer for you. I live here too you know. I know all the crap hitting the fan. It personally effects my family in a negative way. We are done with that for this article. Go post your negativity on FB.

For now let us just do the same with the riots. Go be angrier than anyone else on either side someplace else. I feel your hate and anger. And I put it in a tiny little box and burned it in protest.

Don’t you dare suggest that because I write this I do not care. But I am big enough to put that aside for a moment. I am not a pig. I do not need to wallow in crap. I see it, I feel it, I know it, do what I can and move the heck on.

Just for a Second

Take a moment and just think of a small family where mom and dad worked. They both lost their jobs due to Covid time. The child was sent home for good from school. Can you even begin to imagine what it would have been like to spend 6+ months with your parents as a small child? It might be hard but realize that over 90% of people are good. About 5% go astray and 5% are no goods. Adjust that a little if you must. You do the math out of 350 million Americans, 2.2 million incarcerated. Let us check. At the high number we are talking about ¾ of a percent. Triple that for “not caught” or minor stuff.

My 5% number is probably high. That other 5% is for bad mistakes in judgment. Maybe we could change the number to 80% good by ruling out jackasses. That would mean that a good 90% of kids at home during Covid time are in good hands.

A huge population being at home raised by good parents. This will positively affect our nation for decades to come.

Let us just say 500K rioters – the numbers are overwhelmingly “not many” folks – what would that be? Below .2%. Most people are safe at home to raise a child or 6 of them.

Yahoo, a New Day

The Buffalo Does Not Care

I decided not to ride it.
I decided not to ride it. | Source

Looking Up

We just dealt with numbers. Numbers are cool. And make no mistake you can use them to be false about something. But I use them here to establish a norm. And America’s norm are healthy hardworking ethical people. The vast majority of children are very well taken care of and loved. Again save your exceptions for elsewhere.

The is an error people make in logic. Take the case of the crocodile killing a child or a lightning strike killing a healthy person. So rare that it is in the area of .00001 percent. Yet some folks take that as a logical reason not to hike mountains or swim or walk lagoon beaches. It simply is illogical to take a tiny tiny risk and apply it to thwart normal behavior.

Stay Real

Be sure Covid is not tiny as a risk so measures are logically taken. I would bet that over half the people taking serious precautions to avoid Covid do it mainly for the sake of strangers and loved ones as much as themselves. That caring on a routine basis is good for the soul. So is the mask and distancing in reality bringing us closer to strangers?

I really do not care for the “We’re in this together”. It is contrite. But I think most people like it and it is a reminder that human kind is just so intertwined. I would suggest the greatest contributor to a full human connectivity is love. And “we’re in this together”, is a good slogan if taken holistically.

Less burning of fossil fuels. That just cannot be a bad thing, although the reason for it is bad. Yes the pollutant from car exhaust has been reduced. But sorry to say that is only one of several pollutant particulates in the air and the others have not dropped significantly. Hey we take what we can get.

Now children in grade school just plain bring home germs. I would bet that in Covid time there are in general, less colds and flus going around. Prove me wrong on that.

For sure less drunk driving and in general less car wrecks. Less distracted cell driving. I don’t think less non-recyclable garbage. Our mandate or reusable grocery bags got trashed, so to speak.

Long Before the White Man

One of my favorite places.
One of my favorite places. | Source

Beauty in Goodbye

Just a Moment of Relief

Now here you may argue. Church (please incorporate you place of congregational gathering) It sounds so bad but at least for Christians is it? I think too many went once a week and it is like they were filled up so let us forget about it until next meeting. I also think that many a preacher was holding his audience captive and going about 15 minutes longer than they should. I think that communion had become less meaningful and more ritual.

I write a “sermon” of sorts online. Within two months the “congregation” tripled in size. Instead of hundreds It became thousands. Now it did not get better – well maybe. I changed it a bit because of the added responsibility to do it right. These folks do not come on Sunday and get it done. They sit down and look for a sermon on line and actually read and likely argue with it, at least to themselves. Community is so important. But perhaps this hiatus will bring back some sincerity there. And if you continue to donate during this time you are a hero – as the churches are the, by far, most dynamic of food distributions for those in such need.

Wait a second partners. Food and other donations/contributions are way up. And it ain’t just the need, it is the love baby, the love.

Parties. You heard me. We have had parties with just the 3 of us. Dressed up, cards and food special for the non-occasion. Shoot we don’t go to anything but kid’s parties all year long.

Oh yes my friends the stress of money. Horrible for so many. A constant weight on those that “bring home the bacon” day in and day out – heroes, I say. But I give to you an upside that will come to pass. This heavy load will be lifted. And the monthly need will feel far less upon return than it did prior.

Food. We are a fat nation. And we have just gotten fatter. Our cause is my wife’s fantastic and getting better every day cooking. Well I do reckon that is getting me to exercise more so that I can eat more. I admit that is convoluted but the exercise is not getting out in fresh air and more nature walks because no yoga or gym stuff. Lord help me if it is making me more disciplined. I like my lack of discipline.

I hope that some of these kicked your mind in to think of other good things. Maybe tonight while pleading for an end we can also start giving thanks. Maybe just maybe this article got you to see some good you will enjoy and pass forward.


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