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Looking For Personal Training Jobs? - Tips to Help

Updated on January 17, 2012

Personal Training Jobs - whats the best way to get started? If you are just starting as a Personal Trainer, working within an established gym is the best way to start. At a gym... you can work with other personal trainers and learn from them.... what to do and surely what not to do!

You can choose to work as an independent contractor or work for the gym itself. If you have a good understanding of how to run a personal training business and work with clients, I would opt to work as an independent contractor. However, if you need experience and are missing a few of the essentials like insurance and a CPR certification, working for a gym that will set you up with these may be a good way to start. (Some larger gyms even offer personal training certifications.) Weigh your options, whichever is going to benefit you the most is where you want to be.

When looking for a personal training job it's best to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Make sure you have a copy of your certification, picture bio, CPR certification and some type of liability insurance. Most gyms will require this if you are going to work as an independent contractor. If your going to be employed by the facility you may just need your certification and picture bio as as the facility may have its own insurance, CPR and Defibrillator training. Just call ahead to get the requirements.

When working as an independent contractor most gyms require you to pay a monthly rent fee to use there gym to run your business out of. In my area it's about $150-300 per month. Just pay your rent every month and you have a place to run your Personal Training business.

The beauty of working as a independent contractor out of someone else's facility is you don't have to bother with overhead, utility bills, memberships and upkeep. That's up to the owner! You just focus on training and making money. The downside is, you don't get medical benefits as you would if you were actually employed by the gym ( in some cases).

You might want to ask the gym your considering working in if they have a ramp up period. In other words you're asking if they will allow you to come in and get a few clients before having to pay the rental fee. Some gyms offer this ....usually about a month is what they will give. New Personal Trainers have yet to make any money and $300 bucks for rent is a lot when you're not making any money. So it wouldn't hurt to ask if they offer this.

Once you have an interview. You may be asked to take the owner or manager through a workout. So make sure you know the difference between a bicep and a tricep! What they're looking for is technique, style of training, knowledge, and are you a people person! Don't let this get you nervous, just be yourself and apply all that you have learned.

Once you get hired the sky is the limit as to where you can take your Personal Training Career! Never stop learning! Fine tune you're techniques and learn to work with clients. Learn what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting clients and training.

It's important that you become the best at what you do. If you don't , you won't get far and making money will be hard, you'll be spinning you're wheels while other trainers prosper.

Understand what potential clients look for when hiring a trainer and make sure you live and breathe by the rules. There are no short cuts when it comes to dealing with the public so don't look for any. Have your papers in order, know your industry, know your business, respect people and you will go far. I can't stress how important this is.

If you want to know what people look for when hiring a personal trainer just Google "How to Choose a Personal Trainer". Read it and burn it in your brain. That's my hard core advice. ok?

Personal Training is a rewarding job! You get to help others reach goals they never thought was attainable. Great Personal Trainers make it happen! You Rock!

Much Success in Finding Your Personal Training Job

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      @ajay soni Thanks for stopping by!

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