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Looking to become a fitness trainer, there is so much to the human body.

Updated on September 13, 2014

The Rock..

Beyond looking at a naked body, there is so much under our beautiful bodies

I'm starting to understand more about us humans, now maybe it is not polite to "oggle" over a woman's body but it is normal for any straight men to look at women, well if he is straight that means he is a normal man and I get that.

I know that men may like different types of women and that is whatever their preference is but, as a woman I know what my preferences are and indeed I do not think it is bad to look at a man's body.

Granted now I will be taking it to the next level and even though it may take me so much longer than most people to know about muscles, in which I can start studying, I look at a body alot different now.

Now just like in films when I got to a film, I am analyzing the film to see the camera angles are, the lighting , the scenery and everything about a story in the film.

So now with bodies, I try not to be so obvious and try not to seem like some perverted deviant checking out men's and women's body, but I am wondering how people that are working out, how their muscle tone is defined and think that everyone is different, because when someone is taller versus someone that maybe shorter.

How when you work out, where the muscles are cut and trying to really understanding what happens when we workout and the way it seems, long story short, I'm thinking are we really kind of breaking a little bit of muscle down and then resting to restore the muscles to it builds up and gets bigger, because it seems like that.

I'm just wondering how much can the body take. I mean look at Bruce Lee, and he wasn't a big man, but eh was freaking cut and the things he would do to his body.

I am wondering how he handle the stress he put on his body and I seen that he would make his body shake alot and to me it was like he was putting that pressure on his muscles to get stronger, and I don't know what people mean, but it seem like he was working out his muscles when he did that.

The body may seem like one thing, but it is so much more complex and when looking beyond the skin, there is so much underneath I am almost dizzy looking at the big names and trying to remember the big names for everything, maybe there will be a system I can find out that will work for me to help me remember and breakdown the names for everything in the body.

I am much more now fascinated with the human body and the way the muscles entwined with each other and how they are connected to our limbs.

The flexing of the muscles can be jaw dropping when just viewing from the outside and looking at bodybuilders, whether it is man or woman, but there is so much more that goes on in the body and it is quite fascinating.

I think when we look underneath a naked body and go beyond the nudity we can see how beautiful we really are.

We are mass living being, living and breathing, consuming and being.

The skin on our bodies are basically a protection level and I think if we took all our skin away for just one second, the thing we too will see that without words or skin, we will all look the same, and more than likely maybe that is something that almost could break through any type of racism.

Once we see that we all have some muscle when taking away the skin and we were all just sitting or standing and no one said a world, we may look like some alien, but indeed we would all look the same, because all our organs look the same and we have the same colored blood.

The body underneath the skin is more beautiful because it breaks down a barrier where we all would just be a human being and wouldn't be judge upon the color of our skin.

These are just things I think of when I'm trying to learn more about the body.

Of course I don't think anyone might think the things I think of, but this is how I think.

Since wanting to learn about becoming a fitness trainer my views of the human body is changing more and more.

Maybe it is a good thing to look beyond the skin and our skin color and see that we are indeed bone, blood vessels, muscles and many things that are not just a perfect skin that seems to attract people towards one another.

But to keep studying more and more about our bodies there are so many words I'm trying to remember and they are really huge.

I hope I can find some sort of way to keep things in my head, but I know that even though it may take a little bit longer than most people, I think maybe I will slowly get it in my head and know every inch of the human body.

I don't think they actual test itself to become a certified trainer would take that long to take, but indeed there is so much studying and learning that goes into learning about every breakdown of the human body.

I hope that loving the fitness center and working out too will be a big plus because maybe that is something that will add to part of something I will do and to help others and show them why I love fitness centers and gyms and basically loving working out.

Once again, this is just a little how I think and not everyone will think like me and I think that's ok, because whatever thing works for one person, another person might think the same.


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