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Lose Weight and stay healthy with the GI diet

Updated on June 13, 2011

Healthy diet for weight loss

Among many weight loss programmes that I tried in the past I found that the best of all is the GI diet for two reasons : the GI diet makes you loose weight without compromising your health and does not prevents you to enjoy food. In fact you would eat a variety of plates and dishes made by ingredients that have simply a slow food break down process, giving the body the necessary time to release energy gradually in the blood avoiding an excessive production of unused fat. This is the secret of a diet that has been successfully tried by many people with certain results.

Like many, I was convinced that what caused my excessive weight was a wrong high carbon protein diet, therefore when I decided to loose weight I took the advice to eliminate many kind of food and ingredients that were, in my view , the culprit of me becoming fat. I stopped eating pasta, bread, potatoes, cakes, milk chocolate, butter and an awful lot of other food just because they were very high in proteins and high carbohydrate. Basically I starved most of the time with the result that I ended up craving for the food I was trying to eliminate and eventually I surrounded to that.

As my starving strategy failed, I tried to reduce the amount of high carbohydrate food, for instance switching to cornflakes with skimmed milk and chicken noodle soup instead of pasta for lunch, eating just one slice of white bread without butter and feeling overall good with myself. So how comes that at the end of the month I managed to put up a couple of pounds then! What went wrong?

It was after discovering the GI diet principle that I understood my mistakes. Instead of eliminate high carbohydrate and proteins all together, in other words, fat, we should concentrate to control the amount of sugar realised in our body, during the break down process of food.

Fat is not in absolute,the cause of gaining weight. That does not mean that we can eat all the fatty food we like. Saturated fat are the cause of not only weight problems but also health problems .

However we need some kind of fat because is essential for our health like the monounsaturated fat that can be found in olives, peanuts and almonds.

All the problems with fat can be summarised on this assumption: some kind of high carbohydrate nutritions are easier to be absorbed by the body and some other are not. Process food along with many products that we find in supermarket and shops, is usually not so easy for our body to break down. That comes the GI Index diet and its principles. The theory behind the GI index is that some food are breaking down faster than others and the faster the food breaks down the higher is the rate on the glycemic index which measures the realise of the sugar in the blood. If the sugar is realised too fast and is not absorbed by the cells, it will be transformed in fat to be stored in our tissues. If there is a surplus of it , as often happens, than the excess fat make us, guess what?.....Fat.

So in the GI diet the food is divided in categories : high GI index basically means food that are likely to break down very fast realising lot of sugar that stays in the blood, medium GI food and low GI food which releases sugar slowly so that the body will have energy throughout a longer period of time and handy for the body to consume when in need. In fact a tangible consequence of the GI diet is that one does not become so hungry so fast. Have you noticed that after eating sugary food you become hungry after not that long... let’s say 20 minutes? It is because the sugar contained in it was realised almost all in one go leaving the body without energy and in food cravings mood after a short period of time. Eating high GI food causes a rush of sugar or glucose in the blood that disappears a short time later and will leave you hungry more often with the result that you want to eat more food.

With the GI diet this doesn’t happen. That is one of its benefits : the energy stays with you for longer time so you are not starving or wanting to eat continuously. This helps people on diet enormously.

To summarise the advantages of the GI diet are basically two: you can eat a variety of food that will fulfil you during your diet without starving or wanting food all the time. Secondly it avoids your body to accumulate excessive fat because of a spike of glucose not absorbed by the cells.

Finally there is a third advantages of this diet: there are delicious weight loss recipes that you can follow even when you are not or don’t need to be on diet. It is a genuine food regime that will help not only to stay in control of your weight but will benefit your health too. See my next article about low GI diet food and recipes coming soon. Stay tuned.


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